Sunday, September 25, 2011

Samsung S Galaxy II: available unofficially Android 2.3.5

A few days before the official release of version 2.3.4 for Samsung Android Galaxy S II arrives on the web unofficially Android version 2.3.5 for the Gingerbread house gem from Samsung. The Roma unofficially codenamed I9100XXKI3 addition to the new, but not least, Gingerbread version brings some improvements overall, perhaps related to the speed of the system, and some bug fixes. Unfortunately there is no changelog and not having the availability of this device can not release additional details. I wait for the download after the jump.
The update for Samsung I9100XXKI3 Galaxy S II port on your loved Gingerbread 2.3.5 Android smartphone.Unfortunately it is still available unofficially and has not been released so a full changelog for more details.
Quest'update is available in two different versions:
The first is the full rom making a full wipe of your device and having a problem all'sbl. Bin (bootloader) will not work the jig usb, so basically the unofficial rom with no external editing.

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