Thursday, April 28, 2011

Download Android SDK

Welcome Developers! If you are new to the Android SDK, please read the steps below, for an overview of how to set up the SDK.
If you're already using the Android SDK, you should update to the latest tools or platform using the Android SDK and AVD Manager, rather than downloading a new SDK starter package. See Adding SDK

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paradise Island Game Review


[Android Games] Paradise Island is a new simulation game that lets you build your own little island empire from the ground up. You’ll need to get people to come to your island, and keep them happy while they are there. This Android simulation game has a whole lot of depth.  You won’t beat it in a day or two; it’s going to take some time. If you do get tired of playing, life on the island will just keep on going.

Best Android Camera Apps

[Android Applications] Camera software you've put together for the good Android. The Android Market is full of apps for your camera. Some will give your photos a retro look, while others can give your friends funny faces. No matter what you want your camera to do, chances are there is an app for it. A lot of the apps have the same “general” features, so we tried to choose ones that stood out a bit from the rest. These may not make you a professional photog, but your guaranteed to have some fun with them. Here are the Best Camera Apps for you phone.