Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Android Camera Apps

[Android Applications] Camera software you've put together for the good Android. The Android Market is full of apps for your camera. Some will give your photos a retro look, while others can give your friends funny faces. No matter what you want your camera to do, chances are there is an app for it. A lot of the apps have the same “general” features, so we tried to choose ones that stood out a bit from the rest. These may not make you a professional photog, but your guaranteed to have some fun with them. Here are the Best Camera Apps for you phone.

PicsIn Photo Studio

PicsIn Photo Studio hasn’t been around long, but has already gotten quite a bit of attention. It’s a great Android app that’s packed full of fun features. PicsIn allows you to add stickers, text, frames, clipart, and quite a few other effects to your pictures. You’ll also have the ability to draw on you photos using several funky brushes. There are a few other cool features to mention including the Kaleidoscope and Goo modes. Once you’re done with your masterpieces, you can share them through Facebook, Flickr, SMS or Email. Overall, PicsIn is a great photo app, that has a lot of cool features. You can grab it for free over at the Android market.


You can use WireGoggles to see real-time wireframe outlinesof whatever you point your camera at. There are 16 different color schemes to choose from, or you can make your own. The free version just lets you view things, but you can’t take a picture. The Full version lets you take pictures & record video which is awesome. Dozing Cat Software has said they will be including audio in the future, and I personally can’t wait for it. All of the effects were cool, but the “Matrix” effect was my favorite by far.

Retro Camera

Retro Camera is one of my favorite photo apps on my phone. The program lets you take pictures with an old-school vibe. There are 5 different cameras to choose from like the pinhole, xolaroid & the fudgecam. Each camera has different presets such as saturation, scratches, and contrast that will give your pictures a retro feel. There are free and paid (ad-free) versions available in the market.

Pro HDR Camera

Pro HDR Camera is a cool camera application from EyeApps. If you’re not familiar with the term HDR it means High Dynamic Range. If you’ve seen pictures where the colors really stand out, chances are they have may have used HDR. There are programs that allow you to do simliar things, but HDR is photography is the sole purpose of this app. There isn’t a free version available at this time. Pro HDR Camera is available for 1.99, or if you need some more info you can check out our full review.


Last but not least, we have FatBooth. I had to put it on the list for the fun factor alone. This Android app lets you take pictures of your friends and make them fat. It has auto-cropping face detection along with a gallery features. When you are done distorting your buddies faces, you can share the pics with the world via Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Fatbooth is a lot of fun, and best of all it’s free.

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