Thursday, September 22, 2011

MAXTHON mobile browser for Android Phones- elegant Surfhilfe

There is a great browser for android OS in the Android market.


At the time of installation requires the App the following permissions:

Hardware : pictures and videos to pick up
My Location: approximate (network) location, exact (GPS- )location
Network communication: unrestricted Internet access, network status display, WI-FI view status
Your personal data: browsing history and Bookmarks read
Phone calls: couldn’t read and identify
Memory: Contents of the USB memory and the SD-card change/delete
System Tools : turn off standby mode, background processes exit

Samsung Galaxy Note, smartphone or tablet?

Smartphone or tablet? With the Galaxy Note wants to combine Samsung the advantages of both classes.

The trend is toward the Megadisplay continues: while half Androidistan still discussed, whether 4.3 inch displays not already exceed the limit to the irksome, Samsung at the IFA 2011 a new XXL-device before, the gap between Smartphone and tablet fill up.

5.3 Inch Super AMOLED display
Especially his size makes the Galaxy Note to the very fetching: a whopping 5.3 inch is the Super AMOLED screen of the device size. Its resolution is 1280x800 pixels. In the short test at the IFA convinced of the screen with an amazing color brilliance and razor sharp presentation. For longer Surfrunden is likely to be the Galaxy note as well as suitable to the networks, to perform or watching movies. Telephoning is of course also possible.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crime Story: action game for Android

If you like play games with your smart phones,it's a good choice for you. Crime Story is a game where you tell your story to gangsters. Your ladder to the position of head of the mafia begins with the search of his kidnapped brother. Feel the romance of the mysterious world of the Mafia: raising the profile of a worker of unpleasant work common to a respected mobster, eliminate rivals, and submit to the city.

The scars and tattoos will tell everyone the story of his thorny path upward. But even when the boss, you should never forget his family. Blood ties are the most important thing in life of all the gangsters. You can conquer the city only with the support of your family.

The main objectives of the game:
• Find your brother,
• Conquest of the city,
• Eliminate your enemies with force or cunning,
• Make tattoos to raise its profile
• Build new locations,
• Establish business relationships.

Distinctive features:
• plot captivating global
• A large number of exciting missions linked by a unique history,
• Widest range of challenging tasks connected to the appearance of representatives of other bands, "
• various mini-games: a stolen card to the trap,
• all bosses in the game have unique character and conduct. Are created with attention to detail and fun and lively,
• Interaction with local police that affects the gameplay,
• Improve the image in the eyes of powerful gangs making new tattoos
Opportunity • accumulation of resources and life filled while the absence of the game,
• Easy to use interface, bright graphics and smooth animations 3D,

Then leave the link to the Android Market so you can download it directly from the phone or send from your computer to it. Here you will find many more games android .

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Install SDK and USB drivers LG GW620 in Linux Ubuntu.

If you use Linux Ubuntu and you need to install the drivers from the LG GW620 to be able to install a ROM in UBUNTU, first needs install the necessary drivers and SDK of ANDROID.

In this tutorial, we explained step by step, how to get it.

The first thing is to install Java. Depending on which version of Ubuntu that you have installed you will have to do so by terminal or through the center of software.

By terminal copy and paste the following command:

SUDO aptitude install sun-java6-bin

By the center for software simply are looking for "sun-java6-bin" and give it to install

We offload the sdk version of Linux in the official website, then descomprimimos and folder that comes with all of the files in the sdk the move to our user folder (home/username) and it "sdk" for that then it may be easier typing the commands in the terminal.

We declare the path of the sdk to find the executables becomes unappealing in a terminal:

SUDO gedit ~ / .bashrc

And in the files that are open are added to the end the following by replacing "user" by our user name:

Export PATH= $ {PATH} : /home/user/sdk/tools
Export PATH= $ {PATH} : /home/user/sdk/plattform-tools

And store and we closed the file and the terminal.

Having added the path now with just typing "android" in a terminal opens the "Android SDK & AVD Manager"

We Punctured in "available packages" and there on "refresh".

If i try to refresh we venta a error of the type: "No fetch https URL: … …. " We are going to settings and mark the box "vigor https:// ….. " Then on "save & normales" and we "avalaible packages" and refresh again.

Now will be two (or more) links: "Android repository" and "tercero Add-ons" we deploy the first "Android repository" and all of the packages cenas) .posee that leave us we mark the first (if not leave the first look) that puts "Android SDK Plattform tools" because this package is the need to install the drivers.

Now before anything else we are going to install the drivers from the phone.

We create a file by opening a terminal and typing the following:

SUDO gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/ 70-android.rules

Opens the text editor gedit and wrote on the the following:

SUBSISTEMA== "usb", ATTRS LIBRARY{idvendor} == " 1004 ", MODE= " 0666" # LG

We keep close and we re-create another document by typing in the terminal:

SUDO gedit /lib/udev/rules.d/ 11-android.rules

And within this file copy the following:

SUBSISTEMAS== "usb", ATTRS LIBRARY{idvendor} == " 1004 ", ATTRS LIBRARY{product id} == " 6171 ", MODE= " 0666 ", OWNER= "user id # GW620
SUBSISTEMAS== "usb", ATTRS LIBRARY{idvendor} == " 1004 ", ATTRS LIBRARY{product id} == " 618e", MODE= " 0666 ", OWNER= "user id # KH5200

We save and close the file.

We relaunched the pc

Now on the phone without CONNECT we are going to settings/applications/development and mark "debugging USB"

We can connect the phone to the PC and a terminal type: "adb devices" and recalls that in Linux distinguishes between uppercase and sensitive so make sure you put it in lowercase letters.

Google has issued that a new intermediate version of its mobile operating system,"like Android" are being developed.

Google has issued today a new intermediate version of its operating mobile system , like Android are being developed. We are talking about like Android are being developed 2.3.7 , always Gingerbread, but it brings an interesting novelty: Google Wallet.

Monday, September 19, 2011

McAfee and kaspersky agree about " Android is the centre of attention of the hackers"

The software companies of computer security kaspersky and McAfee have come to alert users of mobile devices equipped with the operating system mobile Android.
McAfee, the number of malware developed for infecting Android has grown in an 76 percent from the first quarter of the year to date.
Vicente Weafer, vice president of McAfee, said: "This year we have seen how to break records in the number of malware, especially in mobile devices, where the rise has been directly proportional to the popularity. The rapid rise of malware in android this quarter can make it a growing goal of cyber criminals".
On the other hand, the company kaspersky, that has been designed the top 20 of malicious applications, said Androide is victim of the 24,25 % of the total malwares developed to attack mobile devices.
Users do not want to be the virus. Hackers, yes and companies of computer security? You DoN'T have to write the answer.

Samsung Premium Apps Store: New store applications for Android

The company Samsung has just announced the launch of a Premium store applications for smartphones that run with the mobile operating system Android.
This is the Samsung Premium Apps Store and at the moment it only knows that will be available to users of the United Kingdom, although it will be launched in several countries at once, among which are expected to find Spain.
Most of the applications that offers the new store Premium applications for Android are of payment, but also with the current catalog of free applications from Samsung. The users have at their disposal applications Premium as for example games The Sims HD and Need for Speed Shift HD.
According to the information disclosed by the company itself, the applications of this new shop you can buy with a credit card, but in the future may pay directly through its operating companies. These applications receive the classification "Premium" as they have already been tested and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Samsung threatens to halt sales of iphone 5 in South Korea

The old adage goes that vengeance is a dish that is served in cold all points that it will not be as well in the war of patents between the south Korean company Samsung and Apple. And that is that as we read in the Korea Times, Samsung already would be preparing your terrible vengeance against the Cupertino company in its own territory.
Let us remember that it all began with the demand for Apple to Samsung for alleged plagiarism in thedesign of their terminals Android more advanced with the that the who got block the sale of circumstantial tablas and access to prototypes and designs of the new models of the south Korean. Everything seems to point to the fact that Samsung is putting in place all of the machinery necessary legal to prohibit the sale of the courseiphone 5 ofApple in the country of Samsung, South Korea.
The publication also indicates that sources, which have preferred to remain anonymous, close to Samsung claim that the reason for this new offensive would be a violation of several patents relating to the wireless network as already announce here that has been done also Samsung in France to all the models iphone and iPad current. Adds the news that this would happen as soon as the iphone 5 will reachSouth Korea. A second spokesman for the signature got more firewood in the fire by saying that "until Apple do not stop using these functions for mobile telecommunications, it will be impossible for them to sell their terminals without making use of our patents".
Everything suggests that, far from seeking to refer this peculiar war tends to escalate. Only with time, the diplomacy and agreements that we will see that comes out of the broth.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Samsung has announced today through its official account on twitter @mobilespain when it has finished waiting for the nuclear-weapon states a Samsung Galaxy S because it has been released the update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread to all those terminals Galaxy S that are bought free to be carried out through Samsung kies.
The first version of which has proved to be at the same time the girl Nice and the goose that lays the golden eggs from Samsung, the Galaxy S, you will receive the new version for your hardware that until now is the latest version of the operating system for mobile giant searches Google to improve the performance and various functions of the best Smartphone Android 2010 (and for some the best terminal of the past year.
Of the improvements that will bring you this update to the Samsung Galaxy S would be worth highlight the possibility of making calls VoIP, videocalling and chat voice through Gtalk, an increase of the fluency with regard to Android Froyo and desncenso of battery consumption resulting from improved performance energetivo.
If you are one of those who became a Samsung Galaxy S free wait no longer to upgrade to the new version of Android. Your mobile phone and your the agradecereis almost equal parts.

Trojan for Android steals banking data

It has been recently reported on the detection of a new version of a trojan that attacks to mobile devices equipped with the mobile operating system Android. This is the trojan SpyEye and their mode of operation is as follows: intercepts SMS sent from one bank to the smartphone from the user.
Once the user enters the web site of the bank, a window opens that alert of the growth of the quantity of malwares affecting Android by intercepting the messages that are sent from the bank.
The message advises the user to download and install to your terminal an application that prevents these attacks, but this is a malicious software. The application is installed with the name of the System. Before completing the installation, the trojan prompts the user to enter a number in your mobile phone.
When the user calls to this number, the hackers managed to seize control of the mobile device Android and from that moment all the messages that are sent from the bank are forwarded directly to a server controlled by them.

CyanogenMod 7 on HP touch pad now with sound, wifi and accelerometer

Having now swept away the competition (more is eliminated alone), the solitary walk team CyanogenMod toward the perfect functioning of like Android are being developed (in dual-boot with WebOS) on HP Touch Pad continues unabated, adding the past blocksthree new features: WiFi, audio and accelerometer.

Practically the first of the three vital functions, which, as you can see in the video below allows us to deliberate effort to Market to download the app we want; not less important are also the other two.

Nothing public code is still available at the time, but despite the "group cyan" had been put forward the hands about dates of issue in the short term, the work seems to proceed with constancy, and Quadrant already marks a score of 2100 (although occasional impuntamenti are present). Good new in short, especially for the owners of Touch Pad; no someone listening?

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