Monday, September 19, 2011

Samsung threatens to halt sales of iphone 5 in South Korea

The old adage goes that vengeance is a dish that is served in cold all points that it will not be as well in the war of patents between the south Korean company Samsung and Apple. And that is that as we read in the Korea Times, Samsung already would be preparing your terrible vengeance against the Cupertino company in its own territory.
Let us remember that it all began with the demand for Apple to Samsung for alleged plagiarism in thedesign of their terminals Android more advanced with the that the who got block the sale of circumstantial tablas and access to prototypes and designs of the new models of the south Korean. Everything seems to point to the fact that Samsung is putting in place all of the machinery necessary legal to prohibit the sale of the courseiphone 5 ofApple in the country of Samsung, South Korea.
The publication also indicates that sources, which have preferred to remain anonymous, close to Samsung claim that the reason for this new offensive would be a violation of several patents relating to the wireless network as already announce here that has been done also Samsung in France to all the models iphone and iPad current. Adds the news that this would happen as soon as the iphone 5 will reachSouth Korea. A second spokesman for the signature got more firewood in the fire by saying that "until Apple do not stop using these functions for mobile telecommunications, it will be impossible for them to sell their terminals without making use of our patents".
Everything suggests that, far from seeking to refer this peculiar war tends to escalate. Only with time, the diplomacy and agreements that we will see that comes out of the broth.

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