Saturday, October 1, 2011


The P500 is LG’s attempt to conquer the affordable smartphone segment. At one point of time ,  the Korean handset maker was pumping out too many handsets into the market that we could barely keep track of. But over the last 1 year , the company has decided to launch fewer phones aimed at specific sections of the market. The Optimus One is one such attempt to fight back into the smartphone market. The specs of the phone look quite interesting considering the price point of the phone. In this review lets take a in-depth look at how LG has succeeded in delivering a great android phone.

Android 3.1 Honeycomb for Motorola Xoom 3G

The company manufacturer Motorola has released the update to Android 3.1 Honeycomb for version 3G of your tablet Motorola Xoom. This update is the same as it was available only for models with Wi-fi connection of the tablet. There are two ways to perform the upgrade. The user may receive a notification on your mobile device of the update. In this case you must selection the option "Download" to download the file to your tablet, and then follow the installation steps for Android 3.1 Honeycomb. In case the user does not receive such notification, you will need to access the application menu and enter Setup> About the tablet> updates of the system. In the list of available updates you select Android 3.1 , click on "Download" and follow the steps to complete the installation. Android 3.1 is the penultimate version of honeycomb (has already been launched the Android version 3.2 Honeycomb) and brings new and additional resources as support for Flash Player 10.3 and to connect accessories to the tablet through Bluetooth (such as keyboard and mouse).

Lara Croft is available for Android, exclusively for the Xperia Play

The protagonist of one of the games most acclaimed of Tomb Raider, Lara Croft and the Guardian has just been announced for the mobile operating system Android. The game should arrive in the month of November, but only for the smartphone Xperia Play from Sony. The launch is the result of a collaboration between Square Enix and Sony Ericsson. The game is the beginning of a series of titles of the producer of Final Fantasy that reach bring the hybrid between mobile phone and video-game consoles. Lara Croft was launched for the first time for Xbox, PlayStarion 3 and PC last year, as a digital title for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, making a good reception and criticism for the players. It is possible that the exclusivity of the Xperia play on this game is only temporary and that a few months later, the title is also announced to other mobile devices Android.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Norton Mobile Security LITE for your android phone.

Android is booming, the sales figures of to get with Android OS will rise inexorably. Proportional to the popularity of the operating system usually unfortunately also increases the amount of malicious software. The lax App-Kontrollen also to bring in the Android Market risks. Probably should in future antivirus software for Android-Nutzer an increasingly important role to perform. Norton Mobile Security LITE is a good choice? We have tested the app.

Android without extras: HTC Explorer comes to the Unspiritual

Thanks to the large supply is exacerbated the price war among the androids. HTC will therefore with the new HTC Explorer his previous Einsteigerhandy wildfire S price undercutting again, and reduces the equipment to the bare essentials. However, it is a complete smartphone, including the latest Android version 2.3 . Just 600MHz creates the already somewhat older CPU MSM7227 by Qualcomm, wherewith sophisticated 3D effects and action games are not more to create. For the basic functions of a smartphones is sufficient to summing but nevertheless, and with 384 MB of memory should be most apps still has some time living. In addition, there are meager 90MB Onboard-Speicher for data, but can be expanded via microSD card.

Samsung Captivate Android phone review,USB Drivers and user manuels

The cell phone Samsung i897 Captivate is the equivalent of the Samsung Galaxy S for the north american market. It is a smartphone Android with a AMOLED screen 4-inch Android 2.1 and 5 megapixel digital camera. The cellular Samsung i897 Cautivarán is categorized as multimedia cellular among all the cell phones Samsung.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Samsung Admire SCH-r720 android phone,review,drivers and user manuel

Wireless service provider metropcs apparently is preparing for the launch of a new mobile phone running under the operating system Google Android, one that could also be released in the company under the name of Samsung Admire, and which were already filter on the web. Apparently, this could be the first smart phone in the supply of the mobile telephony company that arrives on the shelves with the operating system Android 2.3 Gingerbread of Google on board, at least this is what they suggest the information leaks on the same subject.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 android phone review,drivers and user manuel

The budget mobile phone sector is one of the primary growth areas within the mobile market, so it's no surprise to determine Samsung plastering ads for its latest budget model, the actual Samsung Galaxy Ace, all over the spot. Sporting a 3.5in screen, 800MHz CPU along with a fully-fledged version of Android, it's got all the necessities but can that trump all before it? The phone's design certainly doesn't betray its budget leanings. It's absolutely nothing particularly new or innovative but the actual glossy front, gold sides and uneven back are intelligent enough. In regards to build quality, there's a certain plasticky sense to it however , if some high-end smartphones just like Samsung's own Samsung galaxy s II also have an extremely lightweight plastic develop, the difference is not glaringly obvious.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Perfect Audio for SAMSUNG GALAXY S

1. From market "mixget" application install. 

2. Run Mixget the media in the window, you will see about and alsa to click section. Click the Update button at the bottom. 

3. When the download process the phone's internal memory "" file name that will occur "" change. Turn off the phone recovery mode option and restart your phone .

4. Though re-open the alsa section of the headset earpiece volume by increasing the value Mixget. 

      NOTE:Need to attempting to fix the device with voodoo. You must be able to fixi in the roor.voodoo fix ; you should delete the other lag fixs if the rot. Fixlerden.

Important note: The program is written for only the Galaxy's all we do not know will work with different phones at your own risk.Friends and I tried with this expression excellent results

       İphone, ipod, sony creative, and many high-quality mp3 players and the phone I listen to much better quality sound and hard bass-related instruments that sound was a galaxy ...not expect that I will never get a result like this .
make sure that absolutely everyone this point  mp3 players other music players such as toys.

How to find fixed speed cameras with your android phone ?

You can easily find the fixed speed cameras and your current speed by roadpilot.RoadPilot Mobile operates Omni, the database listing all the sites of radars physically checked in more than 30 countries around the world.

Puzzle game for android phones:speedy fish

You can play this puzzle game with your android phone easily.In this puzzle game, you'll have to help Speedy and windy to protect their ocean environment and to cope with the blobs of Polution which attack the sponges.

 Your fish will therefore revolve around different sponges and eliminate, with the best strategy, the risk which will make you face.

The sponges are at the heart of this fragile ecosystem, and you have the responsibility. While the levels are changing, you'll have more and more of sponges to protect and will need to combat the pollution without ceased to increase. You will need swim by controlling your speed but also your movements.
The accumulation of points you will open the opportunity to start to create your own aquarium in which we live different fish.
Speedy Fish is an easy but very addicting game. Help Speedy and Windy safeguard their oceanic atmosphere from polluting blobs by circling around various sponges. Sponges are in the center of the fragile ecosystem which usually needs to end up being protected. As the particular level progresses, you will be in charge of more and more sponges and is going to be attack by progressively more blobs. You will need to strategically swim to go through the various levels makng certain the marine every day life is well protected Since you accumulate much more points, you may have the opportunity to begin your own aquarium tank in which bass will grow and also coexist peacefully.

 The game may be played by adults and children likewise who enjoy using beautiful fish If you such as Tap Fish, Pawpaw Fish, you will certainly enjoy Speedy Fish

Monday, September 26, 2011

You can share your internet connection between your computer and android phone

Android phones are receiving popular among the people as it has many unmatched features. In this approach you also use a feature that you are able to Share an internet connection between your Computer and your Android phone. WiFi Ad-Hoc marketing is one of the best way to discuss an internet link between your Personal computer and your Google android phone using Wi-Fi. Wireless Ad-Hoc social networking just needs a great Wi-Fi and you are absolve to connect your computer to your Android to access web.

Game Dev Story for Android

Android is a system that offers a good opportunity for developers who want to gain a foothold in this industry. The games tend to succeed in Android are showing more originality and good gameplay, because to play as usual, it is best console.
One of the most original and fun games Game Dev Story is Android, which can be purchased for € 2.19 on Android Market , a price that ends up depreciating no doubt.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Smart Shortcuts makes for a neat Home screen and fast access

What should i do if the home screen flooded and is actually still a couple more apps quickly are intended to be called? Then it must be a free Android app, the more shortcuts available.

Keep your house screen tidy, help make everything easy to get into!
This application may be the organizer which are able to keep your home display tidy, and help make everything easy to gain access to
*Organize software, bookmarks, contacts and also files using tags
*Create cutting corners on home display for easily accessibility
*Support import & foreign trade
*50+ commercial symbols for shortcuts
*Assistance normal and higher resolutions

SMS to text android apps.:Export all sms to your memory card

What do you do when the SMS memory overflow.Export your Text message as text file and save on SD card. Without headaches to backup messages!
* Filter by get in touch with, in/out Text message
* Sort by day, in/out SMS, number
* Support House windows, Unix, Mac text format and BOM
* Output .txt .csv document type
* Import Text from output .txt file
Want export to your email directly and more features? please put in SMS to Text message Pro!

Samsung S Galaxy II: available unofficially Android 2.3.5

A few days before the official release of version 2.3.4 for Samsung Android Galaxy S II arrives on the web unofficially Android version 2.3.5 for the Gingerbread house gem from Samsung. The Roma unofficially codenamed I9100XXKI3 addition to the new, but not least, Gingerbread version brings some improvements overall, perhaps related to the speed of the system, and some bug fixes. Unfortunately there is no changelog and not having the availability of this device can not release additional details. I wait for the download after the jump.
The update for Samsung I9100XXKI3 Galaxy S II port on your loved Gingerbread 2.3.5 Android smartphone.Unfortunately it is still available unofficially and has not been released so a full changelog for more details.
Quest'update is available in two different versions:
The first is the full rom making a full wipe of your device and having a problem all'sbl. Bin (bootloader) will not work the jig usb, so basically the unofficial rom with no external editing.