Monday, September 26, 2011

You can share your internet connection between your computer and android phone

Android phones are receiving popular among the people as it has many unmatched features. In this approach you also use a feature that you are able to Share an internet connection between your Computer and your Android phone. WiFi Ad-Hoc marketing is one of the best way to discuss an internet link between your Personal computer and your Google android phone using Wi-Fi. Wireless Ad-Hoc social networking just needs a great Wi-Fi and you are absolve to connect your computer to your Android to access web.

WiFi Ad-Hoc Networking can be a popular method to share internet connection in between computers (pc or even laptop) or between a computer and the smartphone that has built in WiFi. Regrettably, this method associated with networking is not necessarily supported by Google android since it premiered until the moment of this writting. About the most method to permit ad hoc mode on Android products is by changing a WiFi settings file located on /system/etc index called tiwlan.ini. But this process is specific in order to phone’s

Wi-fi compatability chipset and you need root access to alter the file. The actual tiwlan.ini can be a configuration file for Texas Instruments WiFi chipset (e.gary HTC dream) which means you will not believe it is on Samsung Spica that make use of Broadcom WiFi chipset. Another alternative method is with a software based electronic access point which using Windows 7’s Wireless Hosted Network technology. This process only runs on Windows 7 and hardware specific. Presently i found two best virtual accessibility point softwares, Virtual Router and Connectify. They equally operate in exactly the same maner and super easy to use. I have tested both of which to share web connection from my PC that used Sierra Wireless USBConnect 881 modem with regard to internet access as well as an external TP-Link TL-WN31G Wireless USB adapter with my Samsung Spica.

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