Friday, September 30, 2011

Norton Mobile Security LITE for your android phone.

Android is booming, the sales figures of to get with Android OS will rise inexorably. Proportional to the popularity of the operating system usually unfortunately also increases the amount of malicious software. The lax App-Kontrollen also to bring in the Android Market risks. Probably should in future antivirus software for Android-Nutzer an increasingly important role to perform. Norton Mobile Security LITE is a good choice? We have tested the app.
Installation At the time of installation requires Norton Mobile Security lite the following permissions: Pay-per-view services: Telephone numbers directly call, send an SMS Hardware-Steuerelemente : audio settings change, Vibra taxes My Location: exact (GPS- )location, approximate (network) location, access to additional Standortanbieterbefehle Your messages: SMS, SMS or MMS, SMS or MMS edit read Network communication: unrestricted Internet access, Bluetooth connections manufacture, WLAN-view status, network status map Your personal data: personal contact information read write, contact information, browsing history and bookmarks, browsing history and Bookmarks create read read, calendar appointments, calendar appointments add or change and E-Mails to send guests, read confidential data Phone calls: couldn’t read and identify, outgoing calls trapping, couldn’t change Memory: Contents of the USB memory and the SD-card change/delete System Tools : file systems provide or provision to pick up, external memory formatting, general change system settings, active apps recalling, Bluetooth-Verwaltung , turn off standby mode, background processes, automatically terminate after the boot space, start the App identify Standard: system to factory settings, data from other Apps, remove all telephone numbers directly call change Akku-Daten Functionalities At the heart of Norton Mobile Security Lite is the anti malware function. Apps, which will be downloaded and updated, the application checks immediately and warns the user in case of emergency. In addition, you can set an automatic review of the system. In addition to the internal memory can also request the SD card to pests be scrutinised. In the practical test proved the application as not quite accurate. Of a total of three viruses detected you two, the second went the App by the lobes. Makes a hit rate of 66.7 percent. Normally a Antivirusapp falls with such a hit. A second function of the program concerns the anti-theft protection. In the lite version is limited to, however, to the Fernsperrung of smartphones. Via SMS-command the device can be locked in the travelcard; personal data and information are so third-party access shall be withdrawn. The lock can only by a maximum of five, in the run up to specified individuals are hereby repealed. In addition, the full version offers even a being carried out via GPS, Fernloschung, SIM-blocking a card and a Sicherheitsloschung. A phone call and SMS- blocking, as well as a Internetschutz, such as phishing web sites, also belong to the scope of the pay full version. Ease of operation The user interface of Norton Mobile Security Lite is clear and logical. The main functions are distributed on four areas, whose structure is also the user opens up quickly. The speed of the scans is quite high. Even a "unaufgeraumtes" smartphone is completely tested within a few seconds. In the test ran the app very stable and without crashes and a significant, higher Akuubelastung could not be established. Conclusion Norton Mobile Security Lite makes basically no bad impression. It runs stable and works fast. The Eicar test weighs not found difficult, however. A Anti-virus software you must finally can trust. A glance at the permissions that the App at the time of installation, shall not claiming the relaxation. Norton Mobile Security lite requires almost any existing permission. Of course we must have an anti-virus software every angle of the smartphone be able to browse, however, then you should also find the most widespread malware. Of course: anyone who wants total security, buys the best no Android smartphone . The IMEI-tied annual license of the full version costs €24.99 . The price however, betrayal Norton late. Only when it comes to pay the company goes, moves with the price for his application. What else is transparent. As a test tool came a HTC desire to use. Norton Mobile Security Lite is free and can be downloaded in the Android market.

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