Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to fix volume bux on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I bought a Samsung  Galaxy Nexus yesterday. Its realy a great android phone. When i try to learn how to use it, i find a volume bug.

It’s a big problem for me. The Galaxy Nexus is the most looked forward to cellphone of the season. Such concerns can be aggravating, especially for individuals in the US. Individuals are already frustrated by time it’s getting for it to hit racks. And now insects are displaying up?

Luckily, Google/Samsung guaranteed to deal with this concern via an OTA up-date. We imagined it would take a longer period, but the up-date is moving out now. People are coverage profitable program improvements all over the location. If you have been losing out on essential talks due to this amount bug, go over to Options > About cellphone > System improvements and get your cellphone all sorted out!
The computer file is a bit less than 1 MB, and it seems the only element it does is fix this terrible bug. There seems to be no other distinction, and the edition is still Android mobile phone 4.0.1. Either way, it’s excellent to see this concern solved. Thanks, Samsung/Google!
Check your program to see if your up-date is ready! Just delay and try later, if it does not deliver the results. We know it’s tough to delay, but try to rest and not hit the up-date switch every 2 mins. Let us know if you gotten the update! Is everything operating well now?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Great android themes for samsung galaxy s2

Samsung Galaxy S2 is the greatest android phone that i have ever seen. It  is fully loaded with additional features and applications. You can change  your phone’s look easily. I find some great themes for your samsung android phone. I hope you enjoy it.

tenere island theme

Android Gloss theme

Download here

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Droid X has locked Bootloader

The Droid X is one of the last terminals placed in the Android market in the U.S. and of course once users have started to try to enable root permissions but unfortunately Motorola decided to stop, as it did for the Milestone, the bootloader.

The event is somewhat unusual in that the Droid, that is, the American Milestone, was in fact the unlocked bootloader. This news will surely turn up their noses plunged many people who might want to buy it because it will be hard for anyone having trouble enabling permissions on Root.

What will Motorola for its future products? The road will change or remain firm on his decisions?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

HTC Sensation

The Taiwanese manufacturer released a new high-end model equipped with what is best in the component. S-LCD Screen 4.3-inch dual-core processor at 1.2 GHz, 1080p camera ... The HTC Sensation is he up to its name?

The HTC Sensation is trying to establish itself as the best new Android smartphone with high-end components to the tip and the refresh of the HTC Sense overlay which already has a good reputation.

The new flagship of HTC is already available from SFR. It is proposed to 129 euros (offer to pay 100 euros) with the purchase of a package Illimythics 5 + Webphone 1H or 99 euros (again thanks to offer to pay 100 euros) with a package Illimythics 5 + 2H or Webphone more.
We have known?

The HTC Sensation is very similar to HTC Desire S with a curved aluminum shell. Three shades of gray add a little sparkle to what is just a shell of many smartphone. Design many times operated by HTC and lack of originality ...

The screen is positioned slightly below the frame, which protects it and gives your fingers a little back when you start to slip out of the touch area. The display of feeling is the same size as the HTC Desire HD: 4.3 inches. But because of the different design corners and refined including the Sensation gives the impression of being more compact than the Desire HD in hand. A compactness also finesse. So a good deal with the massive Motorola Droid yet also features a 4.3 inch screen. Still, facing the Samsung galaxy S 2,
 its main competitor, the feeling is heavier (148g against 116g on the scales) and thicker (11.3 mm against 8.49 mm). If the feeling is for him a solid aluminum casing, the Galaxy S 2 could well win more votes in design with its finesse and lightness.

A high-end equipment The screen resolution 540x960 pixels is corresponding to a widescreen 16: 9. During the first grip the screen seemed to us very bright and very good quality, fully displaying the text of a web page even zooming up. However, compared to the Samsung AMOLED Galaxy S 2, the Super-LCD of Taiwanese smartphone has a much lower contrast. The blacks are deeper on the Galaxy S 2 on the Sensation.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Android: remove an application or widget

We have already seen how to manage applications and widgets on the home screens or virtual desktops Android. But these manipulations only add or remove application icons, ie shortcuts to programs.

When you really want to do some housekeeping on your Android smartphone or earn a little space (the applications installed on the internal memory of the device and not on the Micro SD card), you must go through the application management . This will allow you to uninstall an application completely.

How do I remove an Android application
To access application management
go to phone settings
Click on "Applications
 then "Manage applications

The full list of applications and widgets installed on your Smartphone Android appears. Select the application you want to uninstall

In the application information you can find, depending on the program, an option to erase the recorded data (backups, cache), delete the default actions assigned to the application or force the termination of the application if it is still running. Click "Uninstall"

Confirm your desire to remove the application on the following screen:
Android is a free license, manufacturers sometimes change the smartphones in depth and some programs are "linked" to the interface, not uninstall. This is not the case for all applications, all the ones you have installed can of course be removed.

Security on mobile phones: should we worry?

Juniper, an enterprise security solutions, seems to have set fire to the powder. They broadcast a report that indicated an increase of malicious files on Android 472% since July . They also finger on the problem of validation applications in the Android Market and the lack of control of Google.

However, they are not alone in talking about Android virus, other security vendors have recently reported on this. McAfee, in its latest quarterly report shows a rising threat by 37% the previous quarter. This summer, the editor of Lookout Security Antivirus for Android released the results of a study saying that the number of malware has been multiplied by 5 in one semester.

App 2 SD: save time to transfer your apps on the SD card

When you want to make a little space on the internal memory of your phone, one of the first things to do is move your applications from memory to the SD card in your smartphone. The problem is that it takes quite a while since you have to do it manually, application by application. App 2 SD offers your convenience.

The concept is simple and effective. App 2 SD will automatically search all apps installed on your phone and you will sort them into categories.

You navigate and from three different tabs:

"Movable" means that you can move apps to SD card
«On SD card" apps already installed on your SD card but you can once again back on the phone's internal memory
"Phone only" apps that can not be transferred to the SD card
Behind each tab, you will find is the list of apps in question, their number and, below, a gauge that tells you the place you have left on the internal memory or SD card.

App 2 SD is actually a graphical interface that refers you to the settings for each application. You just have to touch an app icon and select the desired option: move the SD card or to internal memory of the smartphone. Do not expect however to be able to change the location of the native apps that are not transferable (such as Google Maps, Facebook or Gmail). App 2 SD does not allow it. Too bad.

You also have the ability to transfer multiple applications at once by pressing the "Menu" button on your phone. You can also delete all the files in the cache of your apps directly.

Finally, App 2 SD will notify you when the installation of any new application if it can be moved to your SD card.

As for blame, not much to report on our side during our test. But looking at some comments on the Market, it is clear that the application does not appear to function as a blocker pub (like AdBlock) is installed. Then the updates of some apps, once transferred, would no longer work. In this case, you can follow the advice of developers on their site here . I advise you rather at this point to reinstall the phone's internal memory the application before the update.

About 2 SD allows you to get more free storage internal phone

Do you lack storage applications?

I hate you to control any application if it supports the transition to the SD card?

Want an app that does it automatically for you and can warn you when an app can be moved?

About 2 SD simplifies the transfer of storage applications internal or external device via the device settings. With this handy software, you will have more control over your growing collection of applications. This app is essential for anyone who has problems with memory management.

★ See the applications and SD card that can move smoothly

★ indicate whether the applications are installed on movable

★ a faucet to remove all applications cache

★ export list app on the SD card

★ install applications from the App list exported (PRO)

★ widget home screen shows the cache size and available

★ demonstrate the application of data cache / / code / total size

★ not lose sight of the total available storage space

★ sort through applications stored on your phone and SD card

★ Add to ignore list for mobile applications

★ move applications to internal storage

★ see the app market

★ uninstall app

★ Open App

★ app show details page

★ Support "Move2SD Enabler"

★ customizable notification sound, vibration and light



This application is not used for backup applications on the SD card. It helps you to transfer part of the applications used space on the SD card. You must manually install applications on the transition after a new phone or restore.

If the application to use one of the following features, which you can not install external storage devices. It calls for the Android system.

App Widget


Input Method Engine,

Live Wallpapers,

Live Folders

Alert services

Account Managers,

Sync adapters,

Device administrator

App shortcut icons disappear from the screen, then move applications to the SD card. And 'the limitation of the Android system.

Unable to update software or download? This is a problem in the Android Market, please read the FAQ section for more information

Search "Cleaner 1Touch" app on the market. It gives you more options for managing applications created cache files. This app is also free for you.

The following devices are not compatible with the "App 2 SD" function:

* Tablets with Android 3.x

Users report the following devices do not support the "Clear all cache" function:

You must install this app on your phone to the store, if you want to use the widget. It calls for free.

Monday, November 28, 2011

New Lithium-ion: More time and better load

The battery is an essential component of any mobile phone, which has evolved steadily since the first mobile phone came out, reducing its size, weight and autonomy. But this development is not keeping pace with today's Smartphones, being limited duration and only giving you a break by advancing the power consumption of other hardware components.

Thanks to a recent study by Northwestern University , things can change in a few years, researchers have developed a new battery that lasts get 10 times to the present, and a loading speed in less time than normal.

Although this technology is for all lithium batteries found in all products in the market, to which the world affects us Android is a better efficiency in our battery life of both smartphones, tablet PCs or small. Since our devices we are 24 hours in a moderate even 32 hours, although we know whether their use is in an intense way down its length considerably. Many people use a second battery if you are caught without warning. Load our terminal would be great every week and not daily.

We know that with the improvements in Android version has been better management of application services, focusing on the battery life (The changes in the 2.2 to 2.3.3 I noticed considerably the duration of the phone) but still to go before you see the new batteries, which give at least 5 years before it appeared on the market.

I think there are several points where Android can reduce:

    Hardware: Best processors, displays, heat sinks improve battery performance, but involves the purchase of a new product.
    Operating System with Ice cream, as the last opertivo system improves the management, in this case we see an evolution of the system without changing hardware.
    Applications: Applications that are developed for Android are very important for the system, but are the problems of managing the process that affects the battery life, poor management causes the user to delete this application from your system because it spends battery time. This would be good if Google will help developers to better manage access to services, to improve processes

A question I ask in the air, the operating system and service management site that sometimes I who killed 11 "applications" with the killer task and then return to appear.
Android ¿must be smarter to manage services usuamos not? Or developers who must be disabled to stop and leave their service enabled by the user?

Surely many of you may not suffer the wear, as there are super-smartpones much RAM, and is not a concern but all users with a low-end terminal, half is prejudiced by such management.

And Android Linux should look at the issue of energy savings does not like other systems.

Change your volume profiles automatically with Audio Profile Manager

A few days ago we were asked via Twitter if we knew an application to automatically manage the volume of the phone depending on the time of day. As we started to look for the Market and found this wonderful application allows us to adjust the volume settings, vibration and notifications of the way we want, during the hours we tell you and in the days of the week we want: Audio Profile Manager .

One of the strengths of this application is that we can create fully customizable profiles, and can turn off email notifications for when we go to sleep, while leaving active sound for phone calls, or anything else that comes to mind.
The feature may seem perhaps more interesting is that once you create profiles, you can choose which days of the week and what time we want to activate each of them fully without worrying of having to mute the phone before going to work and reactivate the exit.

In addition, as a bonus, has the ability to export and import profiles that we believe, in order to share and use in other phones without having to recreate them from scratch.

The interface, unpretentious in design and visual delicacy, perfectly fulfills its functions, simple and very intuitive options that we have no problem in setting up this very useful application.


To date we know that Samsung is still hesitating about the choice of taking an architecture dual-core or quad-core to its future Galaxy S3.

Samsung has announced the successor to its current Exynos with a new version etched finer, better GPU and a CPU speed higher. However, nothing prevents Samsung to work on other architectures.

The one that interests us here, a racing machine with very low consumption.

This would be based on a multiple processor cores in ARM Cortex-A15 (successor to the A9 ) coupled to other hearts Cortex-A7.

The ARM Cortex-A7, what is it?

Well is a new generation of less powerful processor but have the advantage of consuming very little also, for comparison they consume five times less than a Cortex A8 as the first team that Hummingbird Galaxy S. In total, this would represent a saving of almost 70%

One might, for example two cores A7 which would deal with trivial tasks in the background as the various push and refresh application connected to the Internet (weather, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc.).. Then next 4 cores A15, which would serve them with heavy tasks like browsing internet gaming, HD video, etc..

It remains to know the expected graphics processors, whether or not Samsung will continue with ARM and the next generation of MALI, or the Korean giant will return to ITech PowerVR and ARM deemed best GPU on the market.


With the HTC Quad Core (quad-core processor), which should arrive in the first quarter of 2012, Samsung had to respond by offering as a Quad Core. The Galaxy S3 will ship there so a new Exynos?
The Galaxy features a current S2 Exynos 4210 clocked at 1.2 GHz. Samsung recently announced the Exynos 4212 dual core but still clocked at 1.5 GHz and provides 30% less consumption thanks to 32nm in finer engraving and 3D performance increased by 50% compared to the current Exynos. This leap in performance is insufficient to compete with HTC with their quad core from Nvidia Tegra 3 Samsung is therefore set to work and we are preparing to Exynos four hearts. The Exynos 4412 would be engraved in 32nm too, these hearts are the ARM 9 to 1.5 GHz. For the GPU we all hope that Samsung will use the MALI T604 that delivers performance five times higher than the MALI currently used on the Galaxy S2. The combination Exynos 4412 / MALI T604 might be the "engine" of the next Galaxy S3 will surely be presented at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona! If this is the case Samsung should get ahead on the Tegra architecture 3! The answer to the first quarter of 2012

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Facebook Phone

Designed in partnership with HTC, this smartphone is a way for Mark Zuckerberg to imitate Amazon and Google to go from virtual to real Internet material goods with the desire to make money more easily. 

 If the rumor of the arrival of a Facebook Phone is true, it will investigate the reasons. Why Mark Zuckerberg is he temporarily abandon the Internet to invite an already saturated market rife heavyweights such as Apple, Samsung, HTC and Nokia?

 The answer is simple: money.The double-digit revenue stagnated Facebook, and Zuckerberg has decided to draw inspiration from both Apple (iPhone), Amazon (Kindle) and Google (Nexus) to advance to the next step.

With its 800 million members (and their contact information), Facebook has the potential to hit hard and directly affect its target with an Android smartphone with dedicated services. This would come in its strategy of creating an ecosystem that combines movie rentals, online payment, photo sharing, but also games and productivity.

 Finally, very recent example of Groupon with a rating in freefall shows that the Internet bubble can still explode, and the passage of material goods would help to guard against any sudden disinterest Facebook. Unfortunately, examples of Kin (Microsoft) or HTC or HTC Chacha Status (who had a Facebook button) showed that the transition is not simple.


Install Gingerbread (2.3.5) to your HTC Desire. How to install HTC Sense 3.5 HTC Desire.

Here we will explain how to root, install ClockworkMod then partition the memory of HTC Desire and that of the SD card and finally install a ROM and not just any Custom: A Sense rom 3.5. Enough to make a serious facelift to your Desire!
So get ready! Download your files:

- USB Driver for Windows, Revision 4 ( HTTP://DEVELOPER.ANDROID.COM/SDK/WIN-USB.HTML ) only for Windows users.

- Unrevoked3 available on windows, mac, linux. ( HTTP://UNREVOKED.COM/RECOVERY )



- The Weather Pack and the addons you want

We are ready.

Start by installing the drivers for those with ADB Windows. Restart the computer and on your Desire go to Settings / Applications / Development / Debug and check the USB.

Unrevolked3 install on your computer and run it with administrator rights to users windows 7.

Everything else is done automatically. The operation takes about 5 minutes during which your phone will reboot 3 times.

Well, HTC Desire is now root and you can get administrator rights. Now when launching an application that requires elevated privileges, a confirmation will be required to validate quevous granted the right to use administrator for the current application. To check downloaded from the market as an application Rom Manager or Metamorph requiring root privileges to run.

Take the HBOOT previously downloaded and put in the root of the memory card by renaming Turn off the phone and restart it still pressing Flight - POWER on the screen and a proposal will be made:

Do you want to start update? Yes No

Make VOL UP VOL DOWN and then after the update and then made the recovery set and press ON / OFF the phone will restart and you will be in ClockworkMod.

Go to "Advanced" then "Partition SD card" enter the values ​​for 1000 ext 64 and then the rest will partition to FAT32 for playback on computer CAUTION THIS REMOVE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE ON THE SD CARD!

Return to the home ClockworkMod and go to "Mounts and storage" then do mount USB Storage, while having the DESIRE connect to pc and copy the rom on the sd card "COOL3D Runnymede V2". Unmount then made to a full wipe this further explanation:

Wipe data / factory reset: clears the data files and those of the cache by deleting them. This can make it more fluid and votreappareil cancel "crash" of some applications.

Wipe cache partition: only cleans the cache of your machine, this can make it faster and fluid.

Zip from sdcard install: installs a file. This zip on the SD card. This will install a new ROM, ROM radio, themes, etc..

apply / sdcard / Applies the archive "" present at the root of your SD (ROM, ROM radio ...).

choose zip from sdcard: choose which archive to be installed.

toggle signature verification: verifying that the records are signed to install.

toggle script assert: check the scripts for authorization;

So do "Wipe data / factory reset" and "Wipe cache partitio" n then finally install the rom with "Install from sdcard zip" and select the rom "COOL3D Runnymede V2".

The installation will be done quietly, then made only "reboot now" you will end up with a phone as out of the box but Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread with HTC Sense 3.5.