Saturday, May 21, 2011

Crazy Snowboard Android

Crazy snowboard is one of those Android Games, that you are sure is a port from a console, but it turns out it is actually an original game from the ground up. That’s not to say that it doesn’t borrow from other games – the Tony Hawks series being the most prime example – but it has both an old-school familiar arcade feel and a modern mobile aspect to it as well.

Crazy Snowboard is The #1 mobile snowboard game in the US on iPhone, iPod and other iOS devices with more than 4 million players now available for your Android Phone and Android Tablets. No doubt Crazy Snowboard will be a Android top game.

Android Open WiFi Scanner

With the Open WiFi Scanner you can just press scan and enjoy your walk.The app will automatically turn the WiFi on for you, scan and notify you when working and free WiFi Hotspots are found and immediately connect so you can just start surfing right away!
Simple an easy!

Have you ever been walking and searching to find a free WiFi network?Always looking at your phone to see what networks are available?The Android built in notification system for WiFi Hotspots giving you no vibration, sound or LED indication and always notifying you even if the open WiFi network is paid and draining the battery by always running in the background?
No need to!