Saturday, October 29, 2011

White dress for the Galaxy Notes

At the presentation in London terminal Samsung Galaxy Notes considered a hybrid halfway between a smartphone and a tablet thanks to its generous screen size and its capacitive stylus has been shown in an elegant white version.
In addition to this interesting but secondary news, Samsung said that the 'D-Pen SDK for developers will be released in December. You're probably wondering why this release as Android Ice Cream Sandwich has native support for Stylus, well known that the Notes will be initially released with Android Gingerbread and will receive the update to the new system only after a few months. That said, we affirm that the White Notes takes an even more elegant and interesting.

The first spot of the Samsung Galaxy Notes

Its the greatest android phone in the world.In addition to the official news of the price, features hardware, etc. was also the first commercial launch of this brand new Samsung smartphones Yesterday. The Samsung Galaxy Notes these days has also been criticized because of the size of the display for us to be more sincere 'than good but of course everyone thinks the way he wants.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hidden features of the Ice Cream Sandwich

We continue with you for the presentation of the new version of Google's mobile operating system " Ice Cream Sandwich."  On the main news I talked at length after the event, where you highlight in broad strokes the new improvements.

But as the week has progressed we have been discovering new features that have Ice Cream Sandwich and maybe many of you still desconocéis. So do not miss our review on the hidden features of ICS.

During this week we have been reviewing the major developments of ICS beyond what we told you after the event. I discussed all you have to know about updates to ICS from any phone other than your own Galaxy Nexus here . I also talk about the new interface Ice Cream Sandwich and major changes here . We did an extensive review of the application system that incorporates ICS here . But this covers all the new Ice Cream Sandwich? No. Let's start.

ICS Hardware Acceleration

One of the main ones that most Android users and developers requested. So far (Android 2.3.7) Google's operating system was using the CPU to draw the GUI for the user, causing in some cases, the user experience was not the best. ICS 4.0 comes with hardware acceleration, which means that the interface can be handled and drawn by the GPU of the mobile phone, dramatically increasing its speed, responsiveness and of course the user experience.

A game of skill and patience, Pali Ball

 PaliBall is an android game for bored spending time on the bus, subway or anywhere. It is very easy to play, just go THROUGH the maze and reach the goal, which is when you move the map and unlock the next.
How to play:

Google Music Store is nearly official now

It was an open secret that Google Music had to take a step further and not be merely a hosting service and streaming music playback, and finally we have the first official details in the absence of confirmation, but white and bottle .

Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to protect your Android against loss and theft with SecuDroid

SecuDroid is the ultimate application for your Android device to protect against theft and loss. Is not an application SecuDroid burglar but offers a number of features that make it unique:
Function Busted!
When someone tries to bypass the lock code or pattern of your phone, SecuDroid be watching!
On the third unsuccessful attempt, SecuDroid will snap using the front camera, and you send it to your e-mail or MMS with the position information
After the third attempt, continue taking SecuDroid photographs (maximum one per minute) to increase hunting opportunities thief!

Request the location, GPS or approximate your phone remotely. SecuDroid will send you an SMS or an e-mail with a link to Google Maps aa including accuracy and speed information
Your mobile may be moving, and periodic follow, can be a good choice. Simply set up a regular monitoring remotely and wait until you get a link to Google Maps to your phone or your e-Mail! SecuDroid GPS off when not needed and, if there is enough coverage, you get an approximate location. The positions include accuracy, speed and altitude
Auto on / off GPS hardware (see notes)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All future smartphones HTC will integrate the application Dropbox

HTC has confirmed on his Facebook page that the application Dropbox is now preinstalled on all Android smartphones. Users are entitled to a personal space online free 5 GB to transfer their documents, music, videos they can view from any other terminal connected. So far, only HTC Rhyme had been entitled to the application Dropbox.

 The Taiwanese manufacturer has not given a date for the introduction of its new service models. This move is probably a response to the launch of Apple's icloud service also offers storage options, synchronization and data recovery.

Android 4.0 's 8 innovation!

Google 's mobile operating system Android's latest version of the popular Ice Cream Sandwich, was officially launched last week . Android 4.0 announcement are marked with the first device appeared in the Galaxy Nexus. The operating system came with the new release considerable degree of innovation, but many of these are not mentioned, also has functions that will delight, especially for business users. Here are the some of them:

Events in the life cycle of Android activities

life cycle android

When working with Android not forget that most are mobile devices, so that some activities are more important than others (for some users may be more important to take a call to play Angry Birds). And since they are phone, it is obvious that the devices have less RAM than a PC or laptop.

How to run android apps on your PC

How many times have we thought about whether it is possible to run the applications we have available in the Android Market, but in our PC, perhaps that is most comfortable or just for fun. Well, this is already possible and fairly simply.

Currently there are many possibilities for mobile applications running on your computer, the SDK is usually one of the main options, but we all understand well with this type of kit
So they've developed an application with which we can do this in a fairly easy and simple for anyone to run that application that we like in our PC.

YouWave is a simpler emulators to run Android applications on your computer. Do not consume too many resources and is compatible with multiple versions of Windows from XP.
The interface is simple and quite simple. Allows run games online multiplayer, as well as view them in portrait and landscape screen. Nor should we expect it to work perfectly, but it is interesting that for most applications not requiring the services of a mobile is quite useful.
He is now in v.2.0, but expect updates with many improvements.

download program:

Monday, October 24, 2011

You can play chess with your android phone

You can play chess with your android the most effective chess site comes to Android, with different options to play & learn! provides you the greatest chess application:
- Unlimited online chess video games against real citizenry 
- Live chess gambling, or turn-dependent
- Powerful computer opposing
- Huge tactical puzzle library
- Instructional videos from top GMs

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Installing Recovery + ROOT + S Nexus ROM tutorial

Before the tutorial:
Copy everything you have in the SD as unlocking the android phone will delete everything you have into it.
The steps of the tutorial has been tested on a Nexus S i9023 (SC-LCD) with Android 2.3.4 (original).
To determine the version of your Nexus S go to Settings / About phone and watch the first 4 characters that appear in the baseband information. In my case: I9023 XXKD1.

Install ROM on HTC Desire with three simple steps: Root, Recovery and Flashing

Here I leave the recipe to cook a new ROM on your HTC Desire, the steps are very simple and I do not find any difficulty, just look carefully, because you know this stuff Steve Jobs and load them at any time you can get a reposavasos very modern. Still, do not be afraid.
This recipe is provided "as-is" without any responsibility and raised in a purely informative to show you that cooking a new ROM or update is much easier.

How to activate 3 buttons in Samsung Galaxy S in Download mode

I was  updating the Galaxy S family of a Gingerbread yesterday.I encountered the problem of the 3 buttons. There is a shipment of Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S and i can not download and activate the recovery using the combo of the 3 buttons. This is a big problem because basically you can not apply any mod, firmware ...
The problem is a failure in the secondary bootloader. Fortunately you can fix, flashing the secondary bootloader for doing so activate the combo of the 3 buttons. Piece of cake you'll see

Note: This method can leave your Samsung Galaxy S as a billet, so this process makes your own risk.

Initiation Android ROMs

As many of you are now starting to venture into the wonderful world of Android ROMs , we do not want you to modify your device venture without knowing what you are asking, as many tutorials that circulate in the network where taken for granted terms and concepts that not all users dominate or even the authors used without full knowledge. Therefore, we bring you this compilation of terminology related to the world of rooteo, ROMs, flashing, and all other aspects involved in the modification of any terminal Android .