Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to activate 3 buttons in Samsung Galaxy S in Download mode

I was  updating the Galaxy S family of a Gingerbread yesterday.I encountered the problem of the 3 buttons. There is a shipment of Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S and i can not download and activate the recovery using the combo of the 3 buttons. This is a big problem because basically you can not apply any mod, firmware ...
The problem is a failure in the secondary bootloader. Fortunately you can fix, flashing the secondary bootloader for doing so activate the combo of the 3 buttons. Piece of cake you'll see

Note: This method can leave your Samsung Galaxy S as a billet, so this process makes your own risk.

Before you start
Install the drivers of the Galaxy S (installing the Samsung Kies )
Install the Android SDK and des download manager installed only the "Platform Tools"
Enables the USB Debug ("Settings -> Applications -> Development")
Remove the SIM and microSD external
Without connecting the Galaxy S type * # 0228 # on the phone dialer. Make sure the minimum value is 3800 mV Voltage
Install Odin3 (only available in Windows)
Download the file P-SBL.tar.md5 secondary bootloader to flash
When you have everything ready we can start:
Enter Odin and loads. Tar secondary bootloader as PDA. Make sure "Re-partition" is not active and "Phone Bootloader Update" if it is active.
Now plug your phone to PC via USB cable.
In Windows enters a command line. "Start-> Run-> cmd.exe"
Navigate to the directory where the adb (probably in Program Files / Android / Platform Tools) and run the following command
  adb reboot download
This will put the Galaxy S mode and download Odin ID: COM turn yellow. It's time to click the Start button and flash in this way the secondary bootloader. After a few seconds, the phone automatically restarts.

With this we have the Samsung Galaxy S fixed and ready to use the combo of the 3 buttons.
Mode Download:
Hold Volume Down + Center button (home) + button to turn
Recovery Mode:
Hold Volume Up + Middle Button (home) + button to turn


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