Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Android 4.0 's 8 innovation!

Google 's mobile operating system Android's latest version of the popular Ice Cream Sandwich, was officially launched last week . Android 4.0 announcement are marked with the first device appeared in the Galaxy Nexus. The operating system came with the new release considerable degree of innovation, but many of these are not mentioned, also has functions that will delight, especially for business users. Here are the some of them:

1. Supports encryption 

Android 4.0, supports data encryption on the device. Previous versions of encryption policy covered only the Microsoft Exchange servers could connect to. For example, Windows Phone 7.5 does not support this type of encryption.

2. Writing to develop a voice 

According to Google speech-to-speech engine, Android 4.0, also significantly improved. According to this text, you're talking now appear on the screen. To do this, click on the microphone icon will be enough to talk.

A better copy and paste ...

3. A better copy and paste 

TechCrunch 's Android 4.0, copy and paste functions in more easily be done now. All text is no longer possible to move blocks around.

4. The new calendar features

Android 4.0 'in the revised calendar interface, between the pages of the calendar, making navigation easier and more intuitive. The new "convergence tweaking" feature, calendar items, providing easy convergence.

5. "Face to unlock"

Google, the new "Face to unlock" feature does not remove that much about the details of how reliable he can not say anything yet about that. However, the function can provide adequate security, will make it easier to open the lock.

Applications to disable ...

6. Disabling Applications 

Android 4.0, installed by the operator, including applications, will allow you to disable any application. In this way, resources will be able to disable removing unnecessarily consuming applications.

7. Android Beam, will share data with NFC

NFC-based "Android Beam" function allows you the web addresses, maps and directions, videos and media files will be able to share more easily and more quickly. For this, two NFC support will be enough to zoom in on the Android 4.0 device.

8. Screenshots 

Android 4.0 'in a brand new feature is the screen capture image. For this, Galaxy Nexus'da pressing the power button and volume down button at the same time will be sufficient. Therefore, our phone without installing any third-party application and get some screenshots

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