Sunday, October 23, 2011

Initiation Android ROMs

As many of you are now starting to venture into the wonderful world of Android ROMs , we do not want you to modify your device venture without knowing what you are asking, as many tutorials that circulate in the network where taken for granted terms and concepts that not all users dominate or even the authors used without full knowledge. Therefore, we bring you this compilation of terminology related to the world of rooteo, ROMs, flashing, and all other aspects involved in the modification of any terminal Android .

ADB - Android Debug Bridge From English, is a tool to use command from a terminal through which you can communicate with an Android device connected to the computer running this tool, or with an instance of the Android emulator .
AOSP - The Android Open Source Project English, refers to the ROMs based on the Android source code provided by Google, on the basis of the original system.
App2SD - process or application that handles force the installation of applications on the phone's external memory, even for those applications that do not permit, so that the internal memory is not saturated.
Backup - Backup, usually in a ROM or applications and / or user data.
Bootloader - Software that is responsible for booting the device. Generally accompanied by an animation that is known as bootscreen.
Brick - State which is useless in an electronic device when improperly altered some of the critical components thereof, as the firmware or bootloader, so you can not return to its normal operation. There is a state of "semi-brick" that provides the same features as the "brick", but with the possibility to recover through a specific procedure.
Dalvik - based virtual machine virtual machine Java which is responsible for the execution of applications on Android.
Fastboot - special boot mode available on some Android devices key combination that allows basic operations similar to those of a recovery.
Firmware - Part of a device recording software in ROM that handles the logic low level, being the closest to the software of the device hardware itself.
Flash - A method by which you install a ROM or a recovery on a device.
Hard reset - The process by which the device is returned to its original factory-original state or after installing a ROM-through a process of recovery available to it.
JIT - Just In Time From English. Dynamic compilation method used in Android to accelerate the performance and application load.
Kernel - core operating system that takes care of operations relating to the management operating system (memory management, scheduler, etc.)..
Mount - The process by which "mounts" a partition or storage unit, allowing it accessible to either write or read it.
Nandroid - widely used system for making and restoring backups complete (ROM, applications, user data, etc.)..
OTA - Over The Air From English, generally refers to the possibility of operating system updates "over the air", ie without connecting the device to a computer to install a new version.
Partition - Each of the divisions, that is logical, not physical-present in a storage unit through which "partition" the unit in as many portions as required.
Radio - Part of the firmware that handles low-level operations, such as managing network connectivity, WiFi or GPS signal.
Recovery - special boot mode that can be installed on Android devices and allows, among others, recovery or backup system and / or flashing of new ROMs.
ROM - Read Only Memory From English, is a type of memory, unlike RAM - Random Access Memory - is not removed by interrupting the power supply. Android is used in this type of memory to store the operating system, so as not to interfere with the user data. See generally used the term as synonymous with a ROM version of Android that is installed on this type of memory in a terminal.
ROOT - special user type in UNIX-like system that has permissions to perform any procedure. Android is necessary to obtain permits "root" or superuser to perform specific tasks.
Swap - special partition is performed in a storage unit to provide support to the main system memory, so that virtually extends the capacity of the RAM.
Wipe - A process which removes all user settings and application data from the device, leaving the current ROM "clean".
ZipAlign - Tool provided in the Android SDK packages designed to accommodate. Apk (container application) according to the optimal requirements of Android.

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