Friday, October 21, 2011

How to add Beats any ROM with HTC Sense

All now know the collaboration between Beats Study and HTC from which they were born two smartphone like Android are being developed with the technology Beats. AND probably anyone, or at least the lovers of the music and the video and would like the technology Beats on your device even if not natively.
If so this guide is for you since we'll explain in a few simple steps how to add Beats any smartphone (after the jump).

- Requirements
Root Permissions
Rom with HTC Sense
- Guide
Make a Backup of your data!
Download the package
Inserting it into microsd
Enter into recovery mode and would the package
Restart the device
Given that the minimum requirement is to have root permissions i have omitted the instructions for entering into recovery and via chatting also because change between smartphones and smartphone.

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