Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lair Defense v1.0.8 Apk

v1.0.8 Change Log:
- You can go back to normal operation as soon as you reach nightmare.
- Remember the sound off when the game still crashes on your device.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Mood Scanner apk for Android

The best Mood Scanner for Android, Scan your thumb and discover your mood. Share the results with your friends. Discover the mood of your friend and have fun

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD v1.09 Apk + SD Data

Critically acclaimed game Anomaly Warzone Earth HD turns tower defense on its head. This time you take control of the attacking force, pitting your heavily armored squad against the destructive

Osmos apk for android phones free download

 The hit game comes to iPhone OS Android! Enter the Darwinian world of galactic dust speck. To survive, smaller organisms absorb and grow, but beware of larger predators! Winner of multiple "Game of the Year" awards, has only Osmos physics-based game, stellar graphics and a soundtrack of ambient electronica hypnotic. Ready to evolve?

How to install APK games and applications to Android phones or tablets

 From the blog Android Tablet PC you can get many opinions and download games and applications APK APK and we have many inquiries from readers asking how to install APK files from Android Android phones or tablets. Today, we'll see a short tutorial guide on how to install APK

Android Game Bug Village free

 If you would like to play a game in which you would have your own colony, and your own strategic life, then Bug Village is a good option for you. It offers you a lot of fun and exciting moments. The aim of the game is to found a colony in which

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite App

 In your device that works with android technology, you would like to view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint files. So, Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite will solve all your problems. It is the FIRST and ONLY full-featured Microsoft Office productivity suite for Android

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Android 2.3.6 DDKT1 for Samsung Universe Fit GT5670 readily available for download [Leak]

 Rockn'roll men as there's now a leaked Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread cooked hot readily available for your Samsung Universe Fit. Go ahead and take news having a pinch of salt, as there's no clearness if the ROM is really a completed 1 or leaked in-among. Anyway, going

PackSms Free App

 Have you ever wanted to receive compressed SMS messages when you are at home or outside? Are you bored of sending messages with limited characters? If the answer is yes, then here is the Packsms. PackSMS is the first application on Android Market that allows you to send and receive compressed SMS messages. Using PackSMS, you can

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

“Alarm by Bbbler” Application For The Android Phones

 Do you need an application that you will use as an alarm to wake you up on the exact time for your android phone  ? Alarm by Bbbler will be answer for your needs. It is the unique and cool alarm widget that allows you to setup alarms directly on the home screen. No more lousy and time taking steps! Just tap on one of the 5 alarm buttons on the widget and you can complete the setup in one step! Your alarms will be added to the timeline as flags dynamically. It's awesome! You can now check the remaining alarms of the day! The tiny guy on the timeline will proceed by time and show you how far you are from the next alarm time. It's great! Go get it now! Experience the difference!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Puffin Web Browser Android APK

 Puffin Web Browser is an application for mobile / tablet running on Android platform. This browser allows you surfing the Internet quickly and can play any flash file, whether or not the processor phone supports Adobe Flash.

 Since we use Java applications in the form, looking for a browser to surf the internet quickly, that can play youtube videos and online games in flash format that you play. In that format jar, I could not find any browser that meets my desires. Time passed, technology evolved and we advanced Android. We tested the default Android browser was pretty good, but not enough to thank me. Looking for a browser that supports flash, especially for games after fakebook and Forums. I tried a lot of browsers Opera, Dolphin, Skyfire, etc. but none satisfied me, until I found Puffin browser.

 Puffin Web browser supported flash format, given that most online games are built in flash format. It can also play video files from YouTube and other video sources and can open multiple windows (tabs). Using this browser we can enjoy features such as bookmark, Clear Cash / Cookies / History. An important function of the browser is Pop-up Blocker. To use an Internet connection is required.

 Puffin Web browser is nice and pleasant sailing!

 Features and functionality

-Support training for both flash widgets and video / audio streaming
-You can open multiple tabs
-You can browse in a mobile and desktop
-Bug report presents function
-You can delete the cache, cookies and hystory
-Pages load very quickly
-URL suggestions

 Puffin 16.2921 Web Browser is compatible with Android Froyo 2.2 or higher, and is currently available via download Puffin Web Browser from Android Market, priced at $ 0.99.
 Android Market Link

Unblock Me Free download

 Do you like playing puzzles? Is it really good way to enjoy your time while you are dealing with something? If you answer is that you like playing puzzle with android technology, then I would recommend you to play “ Unblock Me “.It delivers a simple, but incredibly challenging game of wooden blocks. You must free a dark colored block from a wooden box frame through the single exit. Many other lighter colored pieces obstruct your path out. You can move each block only along one axis – vertically or horizontally. Play in relax mood for fun, or challenge Mood where you try to solve the puzzle with you eager moves. Fortunately, you can rewind moves if you get stuck. Settings let you silence the realistic wooden thunk sounds, when playing in public.

Unblock Me Free

[Leak] Android 2.3.6 UBKPK for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 in Colombia

 A leaked stock Android two.three.6 Gingerbread firmware for that Samsung Universe Ace S5830 in Colombia has appeared within the wild. Named as UBKPK, the firmware is reportadly a reliable 1 and ideal for every single day use.

 Just before flashing the ROM, observe that this can be a company-oriented firmware from COMCEL with a lot of bloatware applications. More nuances of the firmware following a break!


Telephone: S5830LUBKPK


 The build is dated 24th November 2011 and does not include Google Applications package. If you're inclined and wish to change your COMCEL oriented Universe Ace S5830, grab the copy from beneath link and employ password to unzip the file. Beneath are a handful of screenshots thanks to XDA user luisjoseb.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


 Are you interested in playing basketball thanks to the oppurtunities that android technology provides ? If yes, stardunk is designed for you. You will have challenging times while you are playing this games. So here comes the question : Is it way you say that basketball is in space? I will take some of that! This addictive arcade title is kind of like a game of HORSE. You will need to position the ball’s trajectory by dragging your finger on the screen, then fling the ball at the basket to score points. There’s plenty of bonus power-ups to obtain if you shoot well, and new balls to unlock. The online multiplayer component is where things really shine though. You will battle for two minutes against hundreds of other players, all trying for the best score. Working your way up the leaderboards can be hugely addictive and exciting. If you are ready, kick off playing it !

stardunk link