Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PackSms Free App

 Have you ever wanted to receive compressed SMS messages when you are at home or outside? Are you bored of sending messages with limited characters? If the answer is yes, then here is the Packsms. PackSMS is the first application on Android Market that allows you to send and receive compressed SMS messages. Using PackSMS, you can
send up to 250 characters in a single SMS message instead of the classic 160.The app provides real savings to the users. The savings are even bigger when traveling abroad and using roaming, when the cost of sending a single SMS message is couple times higher than usually.The app does not require the Internet connection, so you can use it when the online means of communication like email, IM or the SMS gateways are not available.The program supports 20 different languages - the full list is available on Impossiblesoft website.When writing the message, the user can track the accurate number of characters that will actually be sent. It was possible thanks to a very fast compression technology used in the app.Both sender and the recipient must have PackSMS installed to be able to send and read the compressed SMS messages. However, you can still use PackSMS to send an uncompressed message to anyone after turning the compression off.

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