Sunday, January 29, 2012


 Are you interested in playing basketball thanks to the oppurtunities that android technology provides ? If yes, stardunk is designed for you. You will have challenging times while you are playing this games. So here comes the question : Is it way you say that basketball is in space? I will take some of that! This addictive arcade title is kind of like a game of HORSE. You will need to position the ball’s trajectory by dragging your finger on the screen, then fling the ball at the basket to score points. There’s plenty of bonus power-ups to obtain if you shoot well, and new balls to unlock. The online multiplayer component is where things really shine though. You will battle for two minutes against hundreds of other players, all trying for the best score. Working your way up the leaderboards can be hugely addictive and exciting. If you are ready, kick off playing it !

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