Thursday, November 17, 2011

Motorola Xoom 2 in pictures

         Motorola is working on its new generation of tablets with the Xoom Xoom 2 and 2 Media Edition. These newcomers show interesting formats and quality with the use of IPS screen technology. The Media Edition version features a infrared transmitter and a screen 8.2 "while the standard remains 10.1" classic. It is not known as yet little about the craft, but some photos and information has already transpired.

          This first photograph Xoom 2 of "normal" in 10.1 ", therefore, shows a tablet very fine appearance. In practice it is only 8.8 millimeters thick despite a self-announced 11 hours and therefore a battery that should be pretty sturdy. It has an ARM processor not detailed but known to be clocked at 1.2GHz and backed by 1GB of RAM. This tablet is capable of recording 1080p video format.

          This image presents a model in Android 3.2 and it seems likely that the connection between Google and Motorola to do the testing ground of the latest Android: Much Ado about Adobe Flash 11, which would be borne by the tablet but also the full support of Netflix, the streaming platform US.

          Version 2 Xoom Media Edition is equipped with a screen 8.2 "HD IPS technology. The surface is protected by a glass of Corning Gorilla Glass. The frame would be for its aluminum and magnesium which should give an excellent finish to the device.

          This second version embark an infrared transmitter capable of driving standard multimedia devices, like the Sony Tablet S, and thus to launch your TV and receiver before sending content to DLNA his example. Finally, the tablet is resistant to splash and weigh less than 450 grams. It could easily turn into a meal tray to get a cocktail while watching TV. She is not beautiful digital life in 2012?

Free calls and send messages through the Forfone application

Free calls and send messages through the Forfone application on android

If we consider what are the grounds of a mobile, it is clear that this was designed to make calls and send messages on the move, although it seems that the emergence of smartphones and app stores has darkened slightly basic aspects of these devices. Although there are applications that, besides being the most successful are those that let you communicate at all times to its users, with the messaging and VOIP calls as WhatsApp , Viber or Skype the real winners. Although they only allow you to communicate to users who have their own facility on your phone, having to jump through hoops of the mobile operator when calling plays an address, company or person without a smartphone, at least until before using telephony and Forfone messaging offers us. With an air similar to other services such as fonYou , Forfone includes a free communication service when it comes to sending messages or call users who have also the application and can use their own phone service with a cheaper cost and free calls all local premium numbers. This is already big words, everything a mobile operator within a single application.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HTC Ville, a smartphone Android 4.0 thinner than the iPhone

           The first leaked this model suggest a screen QHD AMOLED 4.3 inch Super. The HTC Ville should be unveiled at the next Mobile World Congress.
 The site Boy Genius Report has obtained details of a new HTC smartphone code-named "Ville". This is a model in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that we should discover in the next Mobile World Congress (February 27-March 1, 2012).

           We learn it will be equipped with a 4.3 inch screen AMOLED QHD Super, a double heart Snapdragon processor at 1.5 GHz and an 8 megapixel camera sensor can capture video in 1080p HD. He will receive the new HTC Sense 4.0. Boy Genius Report says that he should not integrate NFC chip because of its metal shell. However, it was announced less than 8 millimeters thick.

This HTC Ville should get out in April. 

[Guide] Rooting & xRecovery to XPERIA X10i an official GB 2.3.3

[Guide] Rooting & xRecovery to android XPERIA X10i an official GB 2.3.3

Purpose of this guide:
Install application and acquisition of rights Superuser root.
Installing artificial recovery for the application of other patches, roms etc.

Award relevant credits:
What you need:
  • Do you have upgraded through Sony Ericsson Update Service or PC Companion to the latest official firmware 2.3.3 version provided by Sony Ericsson.
  • The modified Flashtool the DooMLorD (link below).
  • USB connection cable to the computer.

  • Download the modified Flashtool from here or choose an alternative site from those who raised himself from the creator here .
  • Run the executable file you downloaded. We ask that you unzipped / installed. Navigate to the folder of your choice and click on "Extract".
  • Once you finish this process go to that folder and run X10FlashTool.exe .

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

HTC Magic Android sfr how to use it without full internet package

          The HTC Magic is a smartphone type mobile phone that runs on the Android operating system. Currently sold by several mobile operators, it can be used to browse the Internet, check email or to access online applications such as, but sometimes under certain conditions. The trick described below shows how to set up a WAP profile will be used for SFR. SFR customers who have a package Illimythics but do not have access to full Internet option.

          The functions available depending on your plan

          Contrary to what is explained by the SFR customer service (it's live) is not required to take out the option of Full Internet Illimythics. So the device is used with basic packages providing access internet (via WAP access SFR) as Illimythics base.

          Important: Obviously this means that some functions will not be accessible via the 3G network such as downloading, Android Market or video playback but access to Web services and type of Google webapps will be operational no extra cost. All these services will, however, blocked 3G access via a WiFi network (can be activated on all devices) which is more than enough. ex: If you use a webmail message type, for example you can easily access the browser, but POP3 access to meet their mails via the application of the phone will require wifi.

          The trick is described in the customer service web site of SFR (Home> My Account> My phone and my SIM card> Setting WAP / MMS) and requires manual configuration of the access point.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Asphalt 5 Android


           If Android games were not at the other mobile platforms like the iPhone, with the arrival of new generation devices, the editors finally decide to offer HD and 3D games for Android.

           This selection will be updated when we have additional information particularly in terms of availability and rates games. Android games from Gameloft available from 21 May on the website or WAP ( / wifi) of the publisher. No date yet on the Android Market. See our video of grip Android Gameloft games.

            With the standardization of features on the Google Phone Premium (Snadragon chip at 1GHz, WVGA comfortable, substantial RAM and ROM), publishers can offer 3D games on Android.

           Gameloft's first 3D game for Android, Asphalt 5 is a port of the iPhone version of the game for Google Phone users long accustomed to "playing games" so Java will find here the first 3D racing game for their high-end touch

           If Asphalt 5 HD for Android is a game well put together, it also requires a solid configuration and is designed primarily for owners of HTC Desire, Motorola Milestone, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and Google Nexus One.

           In good portage, Asphalt 5 for Android builds on the qualities of the iPhone version, the game delivers a good feeling and speed and uses the same gameplay. To drive the vehicle you have 3 modes, the arrow keys or the steering wheel touch and accelerometer. The latter being well managed by the game brings more fun.

            A real slap visual Asphalt 5 is currently the most beautiful game on Android. Sets and vehicles are well modeled and the graphics are neat. With 12 channels available in single player and the addition of multiplayer options, life is correct.

Samsung Galaxy R smartphone

Review of Samsung Galaxy R
Smartphone Samsung Galaxy R was introduced not so long ago, while it can be called a fairly ordinary: he does not have a lot of technical capacity, there is a metal body, it becomes the new flagship, and the price he is quite high. However, on the other hand, this smartphone is distinguished by its positioning, in particular, he refers not to the middle class, but does not claim to be the flagship. Interestingly, according to its characteristics, this model is very close to the flagship Galaxy S II, but still in some places it is inferior. That the hedgehog let's take a closer look to the Galaxy R. Specifications Samsung Galaxy R: Processor - Nvidia Tegra 2, Cortex A9, with a frequency of 1 GHz; Memory - 1 GB RAM, 8 GB of internal memory; Display - 4.2-inch WVGA (480 x 800), Super Clear LCD; Interfaces - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM-radio, GPS, DLNA; Camera - 5 megapixel with autofocus, flash, video recording 720p, 30 fps; Dimensions - 125.7 x 66,7 x 9,55 mm; Weight - 131 grams; Cost - from 24 thousand rubles. Design At first glance, Galaxy R is very similar to the flagship model Galaxy S II. In this case, both models have almost the same size, and the controls are similar. The design is very controversial, develops the feeling that developers are looking for some kind of transitional state between the leader and other models. In general, the body is made the same way, using high quality plastic, but in the appendix at the back of the device, which incidentally made as a solid removable cover, there was metal.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

You can use your android phone as a webcam to make video calls

You can use your android phone as a webcam .To do this,you have two choices.

You can use your phone as a webcam via wireless
is the first method.

This is the more adaptable and best way that i like  to use
Requirements :

Internet network both on pc and cellphone
Download no cost program known as IPwebcam  

Follow these Steps:

Install ipwebcam 
You can manage following desire  as you necessary, I depart all items standard 
 communications slot 
 enable / eliminate audio 
 disable / permit the announcements

  After all element is configures ,click on ‘start server’ 
And it will convert your photographic camera on , you will see in higher remaining place of display a switch came out known as ‘How do I connect?’

click on that buttton and you will obtain a URL with the slot e.g. 
 All you have to do is begin your technique and form this deal with and you may find a display with various items and options: