Sunday, October 23, 2011

Install ROM on HTC Desire with three simple steps: Root, Recovery and Flashing

Here I leave the recipe to cook a new ROM on your HTC Desire, the steps are very simple and I do not find any difficulty, just look carefully, because you know this stuff Steve Jobs and load them at any time you can get a reposavasos very modern. Still, do not be afraid.
This recipe is provided "as-is" without any responsibility and raised in a purely informative to show you that cooking a new ROM or update is much easier.

These are the tools you'll need to cook a ROM on your HTC Desire.
GSM HTC Desire (with fully charged battery) + Internet connection
Micro USB Cable for connecting to PC + Internet connection
MicroSD card (1 GB minimum installed inside the terminal Desire)
This list of ingredients can be found at the supermarket on the Internet. Although I did in my kitchen Ubuntu does not matter if you do in your Windows, the steps are going to be very similar.
HTC Desire drivers installed on your PC - To do this, the simplest is to install the HTC sync program the HTCSync
CyanogenMod 7.03
Google Apps
Rom Manager
Once you have all the material and started to cook the ingredients in an orderly manner, the steps (and so you go prepared to be about) are: root, Recovery, flash, installations and upgrades. Although it sounds complicated once you do it and see how easy it is.
CyanogenMod files + Google Apps + Radios must be copied to the SD memory card. Copy them in the usual way, as you do with the photos (by connecting the USB cable to PC, indicating that it is a storage device and dragging the files from the PC to the new drive that appears in the browser.)
HTC Desire Rooter
First of all, and even if you do not care about anything I'll explain, you have to get all the necessary permissions on the device. We will use the first program that we have downloaded, install the HTCSync on the computer, thus we will make your PC is able to know that we have installed a mobile device. Run the program and as usual we give to all screens Next button, you do not read anything.
The HTC Desire, activate development mode within the application settings. Connect the USB cable Desire data automatically to the PC and this will indicate that the device is connected. Make sure that the device when it does connect storage mode.
Unrevoked3 run the program and let you do. It is quite possible that the Desire to reboot several times alone and sometimes seem like the program hung. Without fear we expect to complete (it will).
Once completed, we will have our Desire Root.
The next step you need to do is install the new Recovery. To do this, run the ROM Program Manager (which we installed in the Desire) to the first option: "Flash Recovery ClockworkMod." We accept all the options and see how the device also starts doing strange things. You do not worry, let it do, eventually you end and the terminal will stay just as you know.
Now let's change our Desire ROM and replace it with the CyanogenMod (use any other if desired). For this we turn off the Desire. Keep pressing the volume key (less) and press the power button to turn on. We press the volume key (less).
We see a new blank screen that allows us several options, including one indicating Recovery. With the volume keys will place us on that option and the off button select. We will display Recovery. We are ready to install the new ROM.
To this end, the front sensor, descend to the option "backup & restore" and back up the current ROM with the option to "backup" in case something happens (nothing will happen), power back to top of this and have the phone as new (but root). This process usually takes a long time.
Then we flush what we already have, we will "wipe data / factory reset". Then a "wipe cache partition", followed by a "Wipe Dalvik Cache" in the "Advanced". This entire device clean and leave it ready for the new data. Bringing all your settings and programs will be lost. I hope you did copy the data. Do not worry, contacts and calendar sync with Google, you will lose the rest if you need a program that will make a backup (SMS, call settings, programs, etc.).
Then select the option "install from sdcard zip" + "choose zip from sdcard" and look for the file from the ROM to be installed, in our case 7.03 CyanogenMod select and see how it begins to install the new ROM. We leave it to work, it may take well ten minutes. We will know we have succeeded if the device boots properly.
Install + upgrade
This step is optional, all you have to do is pretend that we are installing a new ROM, but instead of ROM files install Google Apps and Radio we have downloaded. Install one at a time, ie turn off, booted into recovery mode (if mom Press Volume - and power) and so for each file you want to install

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