Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to protect your Android against loss and theft with SecuDroid

SecuDroid is the ultimate application for your Android device to protect against theft and loss. Is not an application SecuDroid burglar but offers a number of features that make it unique:
Function Busted!
When someone tries to bypass the lock code or pattern of your phone, SecuDroid be watching!
On the third unsuccessful attempt, SecuDroid will snap using the front camera, and you send it to your e-mail or MMS with the position information
After the third attempt, continue taking SecuDroid photographs (maximum one per minute) to increase hunting opportunities thief!

Request the location, GPS or approximate your phone remotely. SecuDroid will send you an SMS or an e-mail with a link to Google Maps aa including accuracy and speed information
Your mobile may be moving, and periodic follow, can be a good choice. Simply set up a regular monitoring remotely and wait until you get a link to Google Maps to your phone or your e-Mail! SecuDroid GPS off when not needed and, if there is enough coverage, you get an approximate location. The positions include accuracy, speed and altitude
Auto on / off GPS hardware (see notes)

Spy Photos
Find out where your mobile or who has it in his hands! The shutter sound will be disabled for maximum discretion (see notes)
You can request a photo of the front camera or back and, once compressed, you SecuDroid send it along with the approximate location as:
Attachment in a multimedia message (MMS)
E-mail attachment to the address you set using, for this, GMail account you've set
Remote Deletion of Personal Information
The information that keeps your phone may be more important than the phone. Keep it protected or delete it as soon as you discover that your phone has gone:
Remote Lock: Send an SMS with the lock code and lock your phone immediately SecuDroid!
Deleting Remote: Send an SMS and delete both the SD card as the internal storage of your phone returning to factory settings. Note that this option would also eliminate SecuDroid and lose the ability to locate after
Notification of change of SIM card
If your phone's SIM card is changed, you will receive an SMS in the phone numbers you have set. This SMS contains:
The telephone number of the thief's SIM card
The code IMSI SIM card thief
The IMEI of your own phone
With this information you can continue communicating with SecuDroid even if they change the SIM card and even report your operator to block the card and / or phone
Remote Alarm
Do not see your phone and you left him silent?
No problem! SecuDroid put the volume to maximum and an alarm will last 60 seconds or until you turn on / turn off the screen! Upon alarm, the phone will remain with the volume to maximum so you can find it by calling from another phone without having to send an SMS
Invisible Mode
Permancerá SecuDroid hidden in your phone until you need their services
Do not consume CPU and memory resources when not in use. Therefore not affect the battery life
You can remove the icon at any time from the configuration window. If someone steals your phone, you will not know who is watching SecuDroid
You can access the configuration window by simply dialing the code that you set (by default, 3535) from the normal phone application
The ultimate anti theft/loss app for your Android device! SecuDroid is the ultimate anti larceny/loss application regarding Android devices! *İn one case location request. Petition either GPS or even coarse location remotelly. A textmessage to the quantity which requested the place or an e-mail to the particular configured address will probably be sent including A Google Maps tie with accuracy and speed information. *Occasional Tracking. Your twist might be relocating and you wish to track it sporadically. Just set up remotelly and wait for a Google Maps link to be sent to you through a textmessage or an e-mail! The GPS will be turned off when not used and, when there's not adequate coverage to obtain a fix, you'll have the coarse location. *SIM Change Notification. If a unlike SIM circuit card is inserted in to the device, SecuDroid sends a textmessage for the configured phone numbers including IMSI as well as IMEI information. Piece of content be very beneficial to the operator with regard to blacklisting purposes. *İmages. Take pictures mutely choosing either the leading or the backwards camera (1) and discover where you left your device or who holds that in his custody. (2) *MMS documentation. Get the tight pictures through a Multimedia message along with the location info at that time it was interpreted. *E-Mail documentation. Get the photos and location selective information through a before-configured e-ring mail account. *Invisible style. If somebody locates your device, this individual won't know in which SecuDroid is installed because there are no icons or launchers. To create the configuration windowpane up, just telephone dial a code in the stock phone app. This code may be changed anytime. *Password protection. You are only allowed to use of SecuDroid setup or perhaps make remote asks for if you know the correct password. *Remote Lock. You could have lost your device unlocked and anybody can access for your private information. Fair lock it remotelly and nobody will be capable of getting your data. *Distant Wipe. If the info in your twist is more important that the device alone, do a wide wipe (SD and also internal storage) within seconds. *Advanced use associated with resources and storage. SecuDroid won't godforsaken your resources and will also load up equitable if an Text with the rectify password is delivered. It's been designed to save as a lot power as possible even during A periodic tracking. *Automobile-enable GPS (three) Notes: (1) The process used by SecuDroid is proven to work in almost devices. However please check it out with yours because some manufacturers don't take into account to turn the shutter sound cancelled when taking an image and you might need some other way (removing file sound on a rooted device?). Note in which even with the actual shutter sound, a photo could be extremely useful in suit of loss. (ii) The front-television camera selection will merely be available from Android 2.3 on. If a front camera photograph is requested to a device running A version below two.3 or with a device with no front camera affiliated, the back photographic camera will then be selected instead. (three) The auto-permit GPS function may not work in unexampled versions of Mechanical man due to Search engines restrictions which makes sure the user make it possible for it manually whether it's off. SecuDroid will try to enable this silently and if it doesn't succeed, a coarse position is going to be obtained and the consumer will get the precision of the location. It's recommended to leave the GPS ironware on in the device given it won't affect the battery life if no application requests localisation. SecuDroid will shuffling an effective using the GPS thus not affecting battery. Default settings: Word: PW Dial Access: 3535 Command list: POS [M] Petition coarse position based on GSM towers GPOS [M] Request GPS position TRCK [M] Petition a continuous tracking every N secs STOPTRCK Layover the current tracking LOCK [M] İgnition lock the device WIPE [M] Wipe device internal repositing PICB [M] Take a photograph using the backwards camera PICF [M] Take an image using the movement camera *All the actual commands must exist precceeded by the actual password *If lowest arg. is 'M', the response will probably be sent by E-mail

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