Friday, October 21, 2011

How to add Beats any ROM with HTC Sense

All now know the collaboration between Beats Study and HTC from which they were born two smartphone like Android are being developed with the technology Beats. AND probably anyone, or at least the lovers of the music and the video and would like the technology Beats on your device even if not natively.
If so this guide is for you since we'll explain in a few simple steps how to add Beats any smartphone (after the jump).

- Requirements
Root Permissions
Rom with HTC Sense
- Guide
Make a Backup of your data!
Download the package
Inserting it into microsd
Enter into recovery mode and would the package
Restart the device
Given that the minimum requirement is to have root permissions i have omitted the instructions for entering into recovery and via chatting also because change between smartphones and smartphone.

App Nursery: 3D Basketball Shot

The new app that makes entry into Nursery and: Basketball Shot 3D
Basketball Shot 3D is a game of basketball in which one is alone in front of the basket with the goal of making as many points as possible. The game begins with a time of 40 seconds in which we must make at least 30 points. Develops in levels and to each of these changes the angle from which pull and the required score. There are 3 difficulty to choose from, the game is very simple, just use the finger to manipulate the ball and give strength to the shooting.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Google will disclose the source code of ICS, while asus, Htc, Sony Ericsson and cyanogen are impatient

Many users are still disappointed by the fact that Google has not released the source code of android -gram Honeycomb. The concern is going to resolve with ANDROID Ice Cream Sandwich as planned. In cases where some would have doubts about the promises of Google, Dan Morill has recently mentioned in a message published on Google Groups: the availability next of the source code of ICS.
Citations We expect to get out the source code of android Ice Cream Sandwich when it will be available on mobile terminals. We also have new servers, so don't worry if you are experiencing from worry.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Google presents an operating system Android 4.0 for mobile phones and tablets

android 4.0

Google candy ("Ice Cream Sandwich" ("ice cream cone")) is the mobile operating system Android 4.0, which was presented to the U.S. company in the early morning in Hong Kong. it offers a wealth of new features and functions : a new interface, better multitasking, resizable widgets, improved keyboard and speech recognition - to name only the most important changes.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New images of the Android version of BlackBerry Messenger

According to unofficial sources, instant messaging, RIM is expected to arrive on Android next year.

After the first images appeared earlier this week, a new series of photographs the impression that there is a version of Android BlackBerry Messenger.

Monday, TechRadar published the first pictures of the screen of a smartphone Android on which we can see the icon and then the BBM user profile page. The site claimed that employee at RIM would have revealed that the application was being tested for a final release planned for next year.

Yesterday, new images have surfaced, published this time by, again apparently provided by an employee of the Canadian firm. However, the source mentioned a possible presentation at the BlackBerry DevCon to be held in San Francisco from October 18 to 20

The first images of Android 4.0

Despite the cancellation of the event which was to Samsung on Tuesday unveiled a new version of Android, TechCrunch finally got hold of the first catch of Ice Cream Sandwich.

On Tuesday, Google and Samsung had officially introduce Android 4.0  Ice Cream Sandwich, with his flagship, the Nexus Prime. "Out of respect for Steve Jobs", the event has been postponed indefinitely.

However, TechCrunch has received, or put their hands on very detailed screenshots of the new OS, images that do not leave much doubt as to their veracity. Google he still  wanted to do the event on Tuesday?
As expected, Ice Cream Sandwich is the updating of reconciliation between the smartphone versions ( Gingerbread ) and tablets ( Honeycomb ) that would take meilleur.D Moreover, the images revealed Honeycomb rise much inspiration, especially in terms design and interface

Firefox will adopt the native user interface of Android

Mozilla announced this weekend that would give Firefox XUL technology in order to adopt the native user interface of Android . The browser will retain the Gecko rendering engine.

A concern for extensions

With this major change, the browser should provide a starting time shortened, less memory-intensive and operate more smoothly with respect to the multi-touch interface. All these improvements should help to make Firefox more popular on Android.

But the downside to this transition is that the extensions using XUL technology will no longer be supported. Mozilla said it was seeking an alternative to being able to provide support for extensions, but no decision has yet been taken

Samsung launches Kitten, its universal instant messaging

How to strengthen the attractiveness of its terminals for a manufacturer? In addition to the design, the OS and the power, the universal tools of communication are today in the heart of the strategies. The thing is not new: RIM already offers BlackBerry Messenger which allows you to chat for free between users while the publishers offer similar applications (such as What's app Messenger) to unify the discussions among the users of mobile OS. imessage online focus Samsung will surf on this trend and today officially launched KITTEN, its tool home of free instant messaging and universal. In a first time, kitten, will be pre-installed in the new ANDROID smartphones (from 2.2 ) and Bada south-korean.

Monday, October 17, 2011

LG OPTIMUS 3D " P 920 "

      Android on a segment monopolized by Samsung or HTC Galaxy S2 Sensation, LG has to stand out by offering the first 3D smartphone. So marketing pitch or good idea? Answers in this test the LG Optimus 3D. End of 2011, for the first time in the hexagon, it will sell more smartphones than conventional mobile. With a penetration rate that continues to climb, the smartphone market shows its excellent health and attracts the envy of manufacturers.

     Logical result, the segment is under siege from many references. It becomes more difficult to make a choice when we see the standardization of smartphones with similar hardware solutions and delivering more or less the same purposes. If manufacturers gargle of strong sales of Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 or iPhone 4, in the street one can only see this standardization. To try to differentiate themselves from competition, the LG Optimus 3D advance an argument, 3D. Problem when talking about the latter, the clichés such as "no content" return permanently.

     The Korean manufacturer is trying to find the parade by launching a draft ecosystem and the ability to design their own content with a sensor HD and 3D. Enough to win against the Galaxy S2? Getting Started If the last flagship of LG is known for the 3D design is a disarmingly agreed. Not necessarily ugly, not very original, the design of the Optimus is in the line of current smartphones, banal and functional. Caches to catch micro HDMI and micro USB on the side, the jack on top and a plastic case where the only aesthetic madness seems to be the front brushed metal.

Minecraft: classic games available for Android now

Minecraft has evolved into a true gaming classic, although it is still in beta phase. Now can look forward Minecraft disciples with Android smartphones, as the popular game is up for a few days as a pocket edition is also available in the Android Market. Imagine it, build it. Create mobile phone industry's on the go with Minecraft - Pocket Variant
The new Minecraft - Pocketbook allows you to create on the go. Use blocks to produce masterpieces as an individual travel, hangout together with friends, sit in the park, the options are endless. Motion beyond the limitations of your computer and play Minecraft everywhere you decide to go.
* Randomized worlds
* Body-build anything you can imagine
* Build with 36 different kinds of blocks
* Invite as well as play with pals to your human race (local wireless net)
* Save multi-actor worlds on your own personal phone
*Xperia PLAY optimized

In Minecraft of players in a 3D world is on the way, which consists only of square cubes. The blocks are made of different materials from which you can build anything imaginable - and again demolished. The imagination knows no boundaries. As an example, building materials are wood and granite available, as well as colored stones, ladders and torches.
Work, work, little house (and more) to build

Discover android with HTC Evo 3D

I love this android phone so much.Greatest technical asset of smartphones are the two cameras installed on the rear with auto focus and dual LED flash. They allow the inclusion of 3D video, a dedicated hardware button is used to switch between 2D and 3D mode. Both lenses come with 5 megapixel resolution, therefore, but are being exhausted in only 2D photos.