Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Samsung launches Kitten, its universal instant messaging

How to strengthen the attractiveness of its terminals for a manufacturer? In addition to the design, the OS and the power, the universal tools of communication are today in the heart of the strategies. The thing is not new: RIM already offers BlackBerry Messenger which allows you to chat for free between users while the publishers offer similar applications (such as What's app Messenger) to unify the discussions among the users of mobile OS. imessage online focus Samsung will surf on this trend and today officially launched KITTEN, its tool home of free instant messaging and universal. In a first time, kitten, will be pre-installed in the new ANDROID smartphones (from 2.2 ) and Bada south-korean.

 This will make it possible to discuss in Wi-fi or 3G between users (or groups) of the two systems. We can also exchange of multimedia files, send messages, animated enable group conversations, or even write messages from touch way. But the service should also be adapted to the Blackberry and to IOS (iphone), to give a serious argument to terminals Samsung at the time or Apple now offers its own service called imessage. Samsung latest annunciation a lot regarding bewildered people in the industry, just ask the giant Korean had thought when this individual came with kitty, IM multi-chopine service that competes against the manufacturer and offers regarding platform locked equally iMessage to Orchard apple tree and BlackBerry Messenger of RIThousand. Since the proclamation, it seems that the kitten has a major difference of iMessage and BBM – its reinforcement through a number of platforms. In fact, it supports same iOS and Blackberry bush OS, except Mechanical man regulation. Samsung declared that Kitty will work across a number of devices, tablets to be able to feature phones and Bada and Personal computer devices. It will probably be delivered on each one of these future Samsung devices, from October. Kitten service will besides allow users to share photos, videos, localization, contacts, calendar, as well as other multimedia content. IT allows also in order to voice mail, handwritten notes, and also group discussion, then one called rank regarding interaction.

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