Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The first images of Android 4.0

Despite the cancellation of the event which was to Samsung on Tuesday unveiled a new version of Android, TechCrunch finally got hold of the first catch of Ice Cream Sandwich.

On Tuesday, Google and Samsung had officially introduce Android 4.0  Ice Cream Sandwich, with his flagship, the Nexus Prime. "Out of respect for Steve Jobs", the event has been postponed indefinitely.

However, TechCrunch has received, or put their hands on very detailed screenshots of the new OS, images that do not leave much doubt as to their veracity. Google he still  wanted to do the event on Tuesday?
As expected, Ice Cream Sandwich is the updating of reconciliation between the smartphone versions ( Gingerbread ) and tablets ( Honeycomb ) that would take meilleur.D Moreover, the images revealed Honeycomb rise much inspiration, especially in terms design and interface

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