Saturday, December 31, 2011

Motorola MOTOACTV is a smartphone-sized handheld clock in the heart of running Android

It may not have captured several impressions, however the Motorola MOTOACTV is a smartphone-sized handheld clock in the heart of running Android. It is designed to work like sports tracker but that does not mean that with a little teasing will not do and as a standard Android smartphone. OMAP3 at 600MHz and 256MB RAM on a clock about to run anything one wishes. Like this and thought that Chris got as Christmas gifts this watch. Just hacking here, a little root there and the Motorola MOTOACTV clock now running the stock Honeycomb launcher. In the video below will show also runs Angry Birds and a few other applications. Unfortunately the $ 250 original price, it is an inaccessible dream for many.

7 essential applications for Root Users in android

If you Root in Android and did not see the applications you installed the program Super User (software that runs whenever an application requires Root) and Busy Box Installer (indispensable tool that shows you the version of the ROM, if you have rights and Root the most important exploited in various applications to be installed require a license Root), then you can download from the Android Market. Depending on how you used to become Root may be automatically installed and some tweaking tools to your applications ( in the manner described will already have the applications «CWM» - something like Rom Manager - where you can restart the phone to recovery mode, to backup the Rom etc.-and «Tweaks» selected by various "goodies" to elytherosete memory to improve speed and overall performance of your mobile - you have to do a simple touch click «Apply changes »(made Reboot). If the problem is always the option« Revert to default ».

And now we go to the most interesting of the Root. Because after I became Root, then?

How to Unlock Face Recognition in Android

We are waiting for Android 4.0 to learn about the "Face unlock", today we get a glimpse. Especially for those who would not know it on their device, ever.

The reason for implementing the Android Market calledVisidon AppLock. The purpose of existence is the blocking of applications that we will specify for security reasons and unlocking with the help of our face. So we can lock applications like SMS, Gmail, Gallery of sensitive personal data and any other choices.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Firefox 9 for Android is ready to use.

As has been happening so far, Mozilla complies with the calendar and released a new version of its browser for Android star, of course I mean Firefox, this time for version 9 completely stable and with some interesting news.

 Basically the main new features in Firefox 9 for Android is the new graphical interface focused on large screens, ie tablets, trying to improve the user experience on these devices, making better use the space we have available.

 In this new version we have many similarities to the classic version for computers, we have always seen a new navigation bar with buttons to go backward, forward, mark one as a favorite site, and have access to preferences, downloads, accessories, etc.

Link to Market

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Themes for Android phones.

In more than one occasion we talked about applications and games ideal for this holiday season, a good way to give a little holiday spirit to your mobile phone is expected this holiday well in tune. Well today I want a great topic to change the look of the phone.

Obviously this is a Christmas-like theme, his name is Christmas Theme and is available free on the Android Market. To use it you need to have installed and are using ADW Launcher or Launcher Pro as it is compatible with some of these.

On the issue at hand we can say that we greatly change the graphic look of your mobile phone as you can see from the pictures, holds funds and more than 500 icons designed especially for Christmas, also has some tweaks in other colors to let even more elegant.

download here

Sunday, December 25, 2011

First beta ROM of HTC with ICS

After Samsung and Sony Ericsson, we now have a beta ROM with Ice Cream Sandwich for mobile phones HTC.H ROM is still in very early stage and has several bugs but want to try it, you'll find it as always at XDA -Developers.
As we see in the picture HTC has opted to keep its own Sense, and does not use the User Interface of the ICS.