Saturday, December 31, 2011

How to Unlock Face Recognition in Android

We are waiting for Android 4.0 to learn about the "Face unlock", today we get a glimpse. Especially for those who would not know it on their device, ever.

The reason for implementing the Android Market calledVisidon AppLock. The purpose of existence is the blocking of applications that we will specify for security reasons and unlocking with the help of our face. So we can lock applications like SMS, Gmail, Gallery of sensitive personal data and any other choices.

There are some limitations. You will need a device:

Front camera, it works with the rear
Android 2.3 +, why not work with something less than
Available in two versions:

Visidon AppLock free on Android Market
and Visidon AppLock Plus with some other minor features, with € 1,99 also in Android Market

Quick, practical and awesome way to secure your cellular with experience identification.
Protect any program (i.e. SMS, Collection, E-Mail, Facebook or myspace, etc.) on your cellphone using experience identification. Convenient and awesome way to improve protection of your personal programs and articles.
Visidon AppLock allows you select the programs to be secured. Your experience is a key to start them! Application uses the entrance digicam of your cellular and shows in real-time that the experience suits the one granted to accessibility the personal programs.
If you have issues with this edition (layout initialization malfunction etc.), please remove app information or do a clear set up.
1. You must have a entrance experiencing digicam in your system to use the experience identification function. Otherwise it is incapable and you are only able to use code confirmation.
2. Moreover to the programs you wish to secure, you should also add Visidon AppLock itself and any program that can be used to shut or unistall programs or solutions (task administrator, configurations etc.) as well as any program that can be used to set up new programs (market, myfiles etc.) to the protection collection to get your cellular completely properly secured.
3. If the critique picture is advantage down or side to side, please try the "orientation displacement" -setting.
4. The standard protection stage is moderate. If it seems too low (i.e. other individuals can get in too easily), you can set it to highest possible from the configurations tab.
5. The most precise identification will be obtained when all the exercising pictures are taken immediately from entrance (i.e. no account pictures etc.). Also, you should take exercising pictures in different illuminations (in those conditions where you usually use your mobile). Adequate quantity of pictures per individual is about 5 to 10.
6. If you aren't using formal launch of Operating system, we cannot assurance compatibility!
7. If there is something incorrect with the app, please consider delivering us e-mail and describing the scenario, so we have a opportunity to appropriate it.
8. This program needs Operating system v2.3 at least quantity, because entrance cameras are not reinforced in past versions

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