Saturday, December 31, 2011

7 essential applications for Root Users in android

If you Root in Android and did not see the applications you installed the program Super User (software that runs whenever an application requires Root) and Busy Box Installer (indispensable tool that shows you the version of the ROM, if you have rights and Root the most important exploited in various applications to be installed require a license Root), then you can download from the Android Market. Depending on how you used to become Root may be automatically installed and some tweaking tools to your applications ( in the manner described will already have the applications «CWM» - something like Rom Manager - where you can restart the phone to recovery mode, to backup the Rom etc.-and «Tweaks» selected by various "goodies" to elytherosete memory to improve speed and overall performance of your mobile - you have to do a simple touch click «Apply changes »(made Reboot). If the problem is always the option« Revert to default ».

And now we go to the most interesting of the Root. Because after I became Root, then?

As Root can be downloaded from the Market a range of applications to better control and deepen your phone or system level or at 'higher' control. We describe some in our opinion necessary ...

1. Ability Overclocking your processor by increasing the frequency of operation. Look in the Android Market for various applications Overclocking. Recommended: CPU Tuner , Master CPU and very good but pay Set CPU .

2. Exemption from unwanted ads that appear when you connect to the Internet. Proposed to implement " AdFree Android ".

3. You can use several applications Root for the automatic termination processes sysorefontai the background from your mobile drastiriotitatou freeing RAM and increasing speed. Proposed the Auto Killer Memory Optimizer.

4. Backup - Restore. Undoubtedly in this area of ​​Titanium Backup is not an opponent. It is worth to think be Premium User though the free version covers a very large extent needs.

Make backup applications, data, oloklito system if you need you can restore your phone to its previous state.

You can make and freeze (the Pro version) applications, your data. This includes protected system applications and applications on your mobile and data may have to sdcard. Also you can schedule the backups, you can uninstall or transfer your applications to external memory.

5. Rom Manager. Required to Root Users. Click Backup the ROM you flasarete a new ROM from the external card or online. Worth is Premium Users to check if there are updates to Rom drive. Once installed select the first option «Flash ClockworkMod Recovery» (necessary application to do backup / restore the rom you) and just finished the process you save the Rom. If this problem in Recovery Mode you can restore. The application has a choice «Restart in Safe Mode».

6. Root File Manager. Amazing File Manager featured file manager, mobile and card. In conjunction with the operation Root can see that you would not see!

7. There are various control applications of your battery, such as Juice Defender: Ultimate Juice. Choose how and when the conditions under which it will operate on your mobile (Wifi, 2G/3G, etc.) mepolles other options Root, to lengthen battery life.

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