Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Google presents an operating system Android 4.0 for mobile phones and tablets

android 4.0

Google candy ("Ice Cream Sandwich" ("ice cream cone")) is the mobile operating system Android 4.0, which was presented to the U.S. company in the early morning in Hong Kong. it offers a wealth of new features and functions : a new interface, better multitasking, resizable widgets, improved keyboard and speech recognition - to name only the most important changes.
The first phone that will run Android 4.0 is Samsung Nexus Galaxy . The Android flagship was unveiled to coincide with the Google software. It offers a huge screen with an incredible resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels - Many a laptop has to make do with less. Equipped with a fast processor and lots of memory to be upgraded Samsung cell phone for the battle with Apple. With Android 4.0, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus many new features in a fresh guise.

Thanks to the new interface better overview
Most striking are the changes in Android 4.0 on the menu: The new interface has been optimized for smartphones and tablets with high resolutions and features new animations and improved readability. System with an additional bar at the bottom of the screen the user can now easily switch between main menu and the most recently used apps switch back and forth, a "back" button provides more flexibility between each layer. The bar is permanently visible, but for applications that require the full screen, auto-hidden.

The multi-tasking is one of the great strengths of the Android operating systems and has been improved in version 4.0. With the App button in the system tray, the user can move like a task manager in seconds from one app to another. After clicking the button a list appears with thumbnails of the individual apps - another click on the picture opens the application.

Also, the folders have been extensively reworked. Similar to iOS apps can be pulled together to form a new folder. On smaller screens, there is also a favorite bar in the apps folder, or other things can be stored in order at any time have access to their own favorites.

Widgets scalable, high-speed camera and better spelling
One of the most popular Android features the customizable home screen. Unlike Apple's iOS the user can set the home screen all the way to his own taste. This is ensured by so-called widgets: hide behind, for example, clocks, calendars and ads on social networks. For this the respective app will not start, but the screen is increasingly cluttered with more widgets. Therefore, Google is offering now enables widgets to resize. This allows the screen to be packed with information and yet remains clear.

Even the lock screen (Screen Lock) has been revised: With version 4.0, more actions are started without unlocking the screen. Thus the user from the lock screen to quickly access the camera or can read incoming messages. A similar function has also Apple iOS 5 integrated. Google has redesigned the keyboard and treats us with better spelling. Misspelled words can now be improved with a single click. A new detection routine in even more languages ​​and dictionaries provide fewer errors in text messages and e-mails.

The main features at a
can Google Android 4.0
Panorama from his trouser pocket
The camera app is now even faster and can capture images in less time. The shutter lag was further minimized - which provides sharper images. Face detection is also now on board: the already-known feature of digital cameras automatically focus the faces of the people, at the request of the focus can be shifted with a simple click. Fans of nature photographs will be pleased with the new panorama feature that was previously only on specific apps: after a photo shot, the user can add other images, which are then combined into one large picture. Advanced smartphone cameras with a resolution of eight or more Megapixlen can thus create sensational images. A feature which many fans have been waiting for: finally can also record screen shots of the Android displays. Who wants to take pictures of his screen, it needs to do is press the home screen and the volume buttons simultaneously.

To match the new photo gallery features the application was also revised. A new album layout should provide a better overview, albums can be sorted by location, name, date of admission or people depicted. A new photo editor allows editing image below: removing red eyes, rightly cut black and white filter, pictures - everything is going now with a few clicks. It also gives new effects for the video function: With additional background or funny distortions, Google offers fans of video-chats up new possibilities.

Android also learn to listen
With Google's latest Android 4.0 operating system, it creates a new speech recognition software on the phones and tablets, which is the spoken word Transcription of the user. Talk as long as you want and in any language - not a problem for the program, says Google. How well the program to Apple's language assistant Siri suggests, will show the practical test.

New services on board
With "Beam Android" Google launches a new service for phones: Using Near-Field Communication (NFC) to apps, contacts, music or videos to be replaced. This requires that the two phones are simply held together. Have the phone recognized, a menu pops up, once on "Send" button - done.

The second innovation of the new "Face Unlock" is: Who does not want his cell phone unlock old-fashioned way, can now look briefly at the camera. Only after the device has found its owner, it unlocks. However, it remains to be seen here too, how well it works in reality.

Gingerbread, honey comb - here comes the ice cream cone
Google offers a host of operating systems for a lot of confusion for the customer: There was one hand, the mobile operating systems, the latest version 2.3.7 is the name of "Ginger Bread" ("Gingerbread"). On the other hand, it was for the Tablet PC optimized system Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" ("honeycomb"). To make the confusion complete, smaller tablets often used the mobile version, as only phone conversations were possible. In addition, manufacturers could not upgrade all their machines to the latest version - to the chagrin of the customers.

But that will finally be an end in Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich": The operating system runs on smartphones and Tablet PCs. This is not only easier for the users but also for app developers. The people had their programmed applications for each version adapted in order to reach as many users. In this respect, Google's rival to Apple's IOS, with its mobile operating system on for years: The system runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

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