Monday, October 17, 2011

Minecraft: classic games available for Android now

Minecraft has evolved into a true gaming classic, although it is still in beta phase. Now can look forward Minecraft disciples with Android smartphones, as the popular game is up for a few days as a pocket edition is also available in the Android Market. Imagine it, build it. Create mobile phone industry's on the go with Minecraft - Pocket Variant
The new Minecraft - Pocketbook allows you to create on the go. Use blocks to produce masterpieces as an individual travel, hangout together with friends, sit in the park, the options are endless. Motion beyond the limitations of your computer and play Minecraft everywhere you decide to go.
* Randomized worlds
* Body-build anything you can imagine
* Build with 36 different kinds of blocks
* Invite as well as play with pals to your human race (local wireless net)
* Save multi-actor worlds on your own personal phone
*Xperia PLAY optimized

In Minecraft of players in a 3D world is on the way, which consists only of square cubes. The blocks are made of different materials from which you can build anything imaginable - and again demolished. The imagination knows no boundaries. As an example, building materials are wood and granite available, as well as colored stones, ladders and torches.
Work, work, little house (and more) to build

The game is played from a first person perspective. With the arrow keys on the screen you can control the character and directs it through the huge mine Craft World. At the lower edge of the display different building materials are displayed, by clicking on the box with the three points, the index will open on other materials, which you can then select. Back in the game is given a block of time typing. If you hold your finger on the screen longer, the tears you just Assembled again, making the terrain flat or quasi digs into the underworld. With a wiping gesture you can rotate the view.
Multiplayer mode

Besides the single player mode is also available in the Android version of Minecraft a multiplayer mode. This, however, all players must reside in a shared wireless network. For the future, but also an online mode is planned.
Expandable - Mine Craft is still in the alpha phase

For Minecraft Pocket Edition is not yet the full functionality of the one in the PC game has available. The Pocket Edition is still in alpha stage, so is pretty much at the beginning. In the future there will certainly be some further developments which will bring even more features on the android. A version of IOS is also being planned.
The Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android Android requires at least 2.2 or higher. It is available for € 4.99 in the Android Market. A free demo version there is also of Minecraft, when the feature is significantly limited. But it should extend to retest

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