Friday, October 28, 2011

Google Music Store is nearly official now

It was an open secret that Google Music had to take a step further and not be merely a hosting service and streaming music playback, and finally we have the first official details in the absence of confirmation, but white and bottle .

Well, the evidence is found to access the service from our mobile devices to Web App: - Just before loading, this screen appears:

Aside from the button to get the application on the android market and briefly explain the service, there is a second point where you say apart from giving away songs, you can get other payment means, and immediately thereafter there is a button to an Android Market Shop .

So not only do we discover what we already knew, which is that Google will offer a music buying service, but it will be integrated into the Android Market, just as does the movie service they already enjoy in the UK and yet we can not enjoy in Spain.

Thus, as is the Android Market will be a place to store purchase applications for different media and platforms, applications, videos, music, books, probably soon, and who knows in the future if there will be some integration with Google Chrome and its Web Store ...

But Andy Rubin said he would not be limited to offering songs at 99c ent alluding to the Amazon Store or iTunes, and the differential value is found in its integration with Google + where surely we can share the songs that we hear so much as already Facebook makes Spotify, but better integrated because both services are Google. The evidence we find in the Google Music web application a few days ago and he style adopted and the Google toolbar +.

Again, white and bottle ...

While Netflix does not hold water and Spotify continues in the red, Google, and commitment to push the same with the movies and buying music online. And in the end Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry and Google are not so different is it? : P. All of them with its own ecosystem of selling entertainment and multimedia (some more elaborate than others) not only care about the OS and hardware to support it, there must also be a comfortable cushion of support services that, and Google, in that sense, is the King

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