Friday, October 28, 2011

A game of skill and patience, Pali Ball

 PaliBall is an android game for bored spending time on the bus, subway or anywhere. It is very easy to play, just go THROUGH the maze and reach the goal, which is when you move the map and unlock the next.
How to play:

Move the ball through the maze you have to use the accelerometer of your device.
You will lose a life every time the ball crash against the walls of the maze.
Each map consists of a limited time and lives, while more complex, less time level
and lives will be.
Within the settings menu puesdes specify the level of sensitivity as the ball moves, the level of vibration of the device (3 levels available) and finally what action will be executed when you lose a life (vibration of the device or play a sound).

The overall game is simple, relocation the ball in the starting point to the dashed circle. The particular ball will exist moved using your device accelerometer so you have to display all your expertise.
Pay attention to the time and accidents left or you may lose
We have included in the application form thirty maps, three maps per level, that will follow unlocked one by one. How? is up to you, every meter you successfully winnings a map the following will be unbolted
Enjoy the PaliBall experience!

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