Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to fix volume bux on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I bought a Samsung  Galaxy Nexus yesterday. Its realy a great android phone. When i try to learn how to use it, i find a volume bug.

It’s a big problem for me. The Galaxy Nexus is the most looked forward to cellphone of the season. Such concerns can be aggravating, especially for individuals in the US. Individuals are already frustrated by time it’s getting for it to hit racks. And now insects are displaying up?

Luckily, Google/Samsung guaranteed to deal with this concern via an OTA up-date. We imagined it would take a longer period, but the up-date is moving out now. People are coverage profitable program improvements all over the location. If you have been losing out on essential talks due to this amount bug, go over to Options > About cellphone > System improvements and get your cellphone all sorted out!
The computer file is a bit less than 1 MB, and it seems the only element it does is fix this terrible bug. There seems to be no other distinction, and the edition is still Android mobile phone 4.0.1. Either way, it’s excellent to see this concern solved. Thanks, Samsung/Google!
Check your program to see if your up-date is ready! Just delay and try later, if it does not deliver the results. We know it’s tough to delay, but try to rest and not hit the up-date switch every 2 mins. Let us know if you gotten the update! Is everything operating well now?

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