Wednesday, November 30, 2011

HTC Sensation

The Taiwanese manufacturer released a new high-end model equipped with what is best in the component. S-LCD Screen 4.3-inch dual-core processor at 1.2 GHz, 1080p camera ... The HTC Sensation is he up to its name?

The HTC Sensation is trying to establish itself as the best new Android smartphone with high-end components to the tip and the refresh of the HTC Sense overlay which already has a good reputation.

The new flagship of HTC is already available from SFR. It is proposed to 129 euros (offer to pay 100 euros) with the purchase of a package Illimythics 5 + Webphone 1H or 99 euros (again thanks to offer to pay 100 euros) with a package Illimythics 5 + 2H or Webphone more.
We have known?

The HTC Sensation is very similar to HTC Desire S with a curved aluminum shell. Three shades of gray add a little sparkle to what is just a shell of many smartphone. Design many times operated by HTC and lack of originality ...

The screen is positioned slightly below the frame, which protects it and gives your fingers a little back when you start to slip out of the touch area. The display of feeling is the same size as the HTC Desire HD: 4.3 inches. But because of the different design corners and refined including the Sensation gives the impression of being more compact than the Desire HD in hand. A compactness also finesse. So a good deal with the massive Motorola Droid yet also features a 4.3 inch screen. Still, facing the Samsung galaxy S 2,
 its main competitor, the feeling is heavier (148g against 116g on the scales) and thicker (11.3 mm against 8.49 mm). If the feeling is for him a solid aluminum casing, the Galaxy S 2 could well win more votes in design with its finesse and lightness.

A high-end equipment The screen resolution 540x960 pixels is corresponding to a widescreen 16: 9. During the first grip the screen seemed to us very bright and very good quality, fully displaying the text of a web page even zooming up. However, compared to the Samsung AMOLED Galaxy S 2, the Super-LCD of Taiwanese smartphone has a much lower contrast. The blacks are deeper on the Galaxy S 2 on the Sensation.

MSM is a Snapdragon processor 8260 1.2 GHz dual core that powers the HTC Sensation. This processor is capable of running Android apps very greedy, and places the Sensation in direct competition with the Samsung S2 Galaxy.Same class of processor, same size: the Sensation and Galaxy S2 are definitely in a position to face to face in the segment of high-end Android smartphones to the big screen.

 It remains in the top of the basket with the other features: 768 MB RAM, 1 GB of ROM and Adreno 220 graphics chipset. As might be expected, and Android 3.0 Sense overlay running perfectly. HD video in Flash failed to take if the processor still provides a smooth browsing experience no matter what. As for storage, 4 embeds Sensation GB of internal memory expandable via a microSD slot (8GB included). The microSD slot is located under the hull, an inconvenient location.

The battery capacity is slightly lower than in the Galaxy S 2: 1520 mAh against 1650 mAh for the Samsung smartphone. It exceeds all the same day of intensive use with the HTC Sensation, so far without reaching both days.

Photos and video:
the best The part that photography has always been the poor relation of HTC smartphones here is improving slightly. The 8 megapixel sensor of the HTC Sensation has a sharper than Desire S. The dual LED flash can also obtain more suitable pictures in dark places. It is still not unique, but HTC is on the right direction. Side of the video, the camera back is able to shoot in Full HD 1080p 30i / s. The videos are still fluid, even in Full HD. It regrets, however, the fact of not being able to zoom without jerking (the zoom function by "notches"), the relative slowness of the development and the absence of a stabilizer. VGA front camera is also present.

HTC Sense 3.0 and Android 2.3
This is one of the best overlays Android was updated with this feeling. The user interface Sense HTC leverages the power of this new smartphone. HTC Sense widgets does not lead only beautifully made, it also adds convenient features to Android. As an example may be mentioned that application that centralizes in one place and even Facebook and Twitter contacts address book with Google.

The new lock screen is also particularly well thought out with the integration of four shortcuts. On tap without having to unlock the HTC Sensation, it is possible to use the camera. And it is now possible to customize shortcuts. In addition to improvements at all levels, the widgets have been redesigned, even the weather widget which was already unanimously. Version 3.0 of Sense is bristling with 3D animations. Passed from one application to another and you will see a particularly well done. The transitions between each screen also seek processor-intensive. Sense 3.0 does not seem appropriate for HTC smartphones equipped with slower processors.

Under the overlay of the Taiwanese manufacturer is running Android 2.3.3, the latest version of the Google mobile OS. To find the interface in more detail, look at our photo gallery of the HTC Sensation HTC Watch and Player Not content with tweaking a wrapper which was already shining through its efficient and aesthetic practice, the firm adds its taïwannaise HTC Watch VOD service, the result of the acquisition of Saffron Digital.

Accessible on 3G and Wi-Fi, this service offers the ability to view a program being downloaded, programs that can be shared on 5 HTC devices. The extensive catalog of films is not yet comparable to iTunes, far from it, but we expect it will evolve in the right direction. As for players, this is the iBooks from HTC which is based on Kobo. It blamed a lack of play options for this application, such as the inability to change the policy. The HTC Sensation is a great success with its large screen and fast processor. Its design is seen again and again, it is very similar to what HTC has already been done in the past, but for those seeking a large-screen smartphone is undoubtedly one of the best choices. In short: a real sensation.

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