Sunday, November 27, 2011


Install Gingerbread (2.3.5) to your HTC Desire. How to install HTC Sense 3.5 HTC Desire.

Here we will explain how to root, install ClockworkMod then partition the memory of HTC Desire and that of the SD card and finally install a ROM and not just any Custom: A Sense rom 3.5. Enough to make a serious facelift to your Desire!
So get ready! Download your files:

- USB Driver for Windows, Revision 4 ( HTTP://DEVELOPER.ANDROID.COM/SDK/WIN-USB.HTML ) only for Windows users.

- Unrevoked3 available on windows, mac, linux. ( HTTP://UNREVOKED.COM/RECOVERY )



- The Weather Pack and the addons you want

We are ready.

Start by installing the drivers for those with ADB Windows. Restart the computer and on your Desire go to Settings / Applications / Development / Debug and check the USB.

Unrevolked3 install on your computer and run it with administrator rights to users windows 7.

Everything else is done automatically. The operation takes about 5 minutes during which your phone will reboot 3 times.

Well, HTC Desire is now root and you can get administrator rights. Now when launching an application that requires elevated privileges, a confirmation will be required to validate quevous granted the right to use administrator for the current application. To check downloaded from the market as an application Rom Manager or Metamorph requiring root privileges to run.

Take the HBOOT previously downloaded and put in the root of the memory card by renaming Turn off the phone and restart it still pressing Flight - POWER on the screen and a proposal will be made:

Do you want to start update? Yes No

Make VOL UP VOL DOWN and then after the update and then made the recovery set and press ON / OFF the phone will restart and you will be in ClockworkMod.

Go to "Advanced" then "Partition SD card" enter the values ​​for 1000 ext 64 and then the rest will partition to FAT32 for playback on computer CAUTION THIS REMOVE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE ON THE SD CARD!

Return to the home ClockworkMod and go to "Mounts and storage" then do mount USB Storage, while having the DESIRE connect to pc and copy the rom on the sd card "COOL3D Runnymede V2". Unmount then made to a full wipe this further explanation:

Wipe data / factory reset: clears the data files and those of the cache by deleting them. This can make it more fluid and votreappareil cancel "crash" of some applications.

Wipe cache partition: only cleans the cache of your machine, this can make it faster and fluid.

Zip from sdcard install: installs a file. This zip on the SD card. This will install a new ROM, ROM radio, themes, etc..

apply / sdcard / Applies the archive "" present at the root of your SD (ROM, ROM radio ...).

choose zip from sdcard: choose which archive to be installed.

toggle signature verification: verifying that the records are signed to install.

toggle script assert: check the scripts for authorization;

So do "Wipe data / factory reset" and "Wipe cache partitio" n then finally install the rom with "Install from sdcard zip" and select the rom "COOL3D Runnymede V2".

The installation will be done quietly, then made only "reboot now" you will end up with a phone as out of the box but Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread with HTC Sense 3.5.


  1. Got an error while running unrevoked rooting failed firmware too new

  2. Use Revolutionary then. More details here and