Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mobile Odin Pro, flash has never been easier.

Many who read this blog know what it is ODIN. For those who are unaware, ODIN is a tool with which we can install any operating system Android. Or more commonly known in the Android community, allows us to flash our device Android.

This means that with this program you from installing an updated version of Android (and earlier) to install any cooked ROM, ie, any Android made ​​by the community.
Well now Chainfire has brought to light Odin Pro Mobile. This tool not only allows you to install any ROM or upgrade your operating system Android, but also allows us to do from the interface of the application without the need to download the ROM.

As you can imagine, this tool greatly facilitates the task of flash our devices. Since we'd get rid of Internet search Android version you want to install to your device.
It also incorporates a system that truly free people a lot of headaches, it is EverRoot, which we kept our Root privileges, but we install an official release.
At the moment the application only supports a small number of devices:
Samsung S2 Galaxy (GT-i9100)
Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000)
Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 (GT-P1000
Although Root is mandatory and that the number of supported devices is very small (Chainfire promises to extend the list of compatible devices), this tool is very useful and greatly facilitates the task of flashing your device Android.
The issue you have available in the Market at a price of 1.99 €.

ODIN furniture - complete firmware flash directly from the device itself! ODIN mobile is the choice of the device firmware flasher. Just throw the firmware files on your (internal or external) SD card, launch mobile flash ODIN away. ! The appliance must be grounded in order to use ODIN mobile! If you use the EverRoot, Mobile firmware ODIN mess while the flash. Verify that the new firmware leak? No need to lose the mess! Currently supported devices: - Samsung GT-i9100 Galaxy S2 - Samsung Galaxy GT-N7000 Note - Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S * NEW * - Galaxy Tab 7 "GT-P1000 * NEW * More devices to come! Flash Mobile ODIN does not add a custom kernel, or flash meter for the yellow warning triangle appears. For discussion, see the forum thread ----- ----- MANUAL Flashing Mobile ODIN is easy. You start by counting approx. The app will check your system has all the app should continue (as root). It can lead you to install an additional package (free) market. Now you should see the main screen ODIN Mobile. That section of the list. By clicking on the section to select a file on an SD card flash for that partition. Do not worry about selecting the wrong file - ODIN Mobile does not disappoint. Separate files (named for the section) as well. Tar e. Tar.md5 files are supported. ODIN's office you may be used for "PDA", "phone" and "SCC" buttons. All three of these buttons have been replaced with "Open file ..." button. This button opens the file you can choose from the SD card, and find all partitions that can flash on the inside of this file. So if you choose one. Tar file containing the nucleus and the modem, the kernel and partitions Modem set up to use it. Tar flashing. Now, we have chosen what you want to flash, if you have the Pro version you can never go to the root. options for you to ever root root when firmware is flash. Never again can not be! Click here for the applications you want to inject the firmware is flashed. Now we all made the selection and EverRoot partition configuration, we "Flash Firmware". ODIN Phones gather all the information needed and perform the flash. Before starting, however, will check the battery level is above 50%, and if this offer is valid for checking MD5 of files you selected will blink. Hopefully it will restart in recovery mode, and the firmware you selected. ----- ----- Device Support See discussion on the forum ( for more information on how to get your unit load.

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