Monday, November 28, 2011

New Lithium-ion: More time and better load

The battery is an essential component of any mobile phone, which has evolved steadily since the first mobile phone came out, reducing its size, weight and autonomy. But this development is not keeping pace with today's Smartphones, being limited duration and only giving you a break by advancing the power consumption of other hardware components.

Thanks to a recent study by Northwestern University , things can change in a few years, researchers have developed a new battery that lasts get 10 times to the present, and a loading speed in less time than normal.

Although this technology is for all lithium batteries found in all products in the market, to which the world affects us Android is a better efficiency in our battery life of both smartphones, tablet PCs or small. Since our devices we are 24 hours in a moderate even 32 hours, although we know whether their use is in an intense way down its length considerably. Many people use a second battery if you are caught without warning. Load our terminal would be great every week and not daily.

We know that with the improvements in Android version has been better management of application services, focusing on the battery life (The changes in the 2.2 to 2.3.3 I noticed considerably the duration of the phone) but still to go before you see the new batteries, which give at least 5 years before it appeared on the market.

I think there are several points where Android can reduce:

    Hardware: Best processors, displays, heat sinks improve battery performance, but involves the purchase of a new product.
    Operating System with Ice cream, as the last opertivo system improves the management, in this case we see an evolution of the system without changing hardware.
    Applications: Applications that are developed for Android are very important for the system, but are the problems of managing the process that affects the battery life, poor management causes the user to delete this application from your system because it spends battery time. This would be good if Google will help developers to better manage access to services, to improve processes

A question I ask in the air, the operating system and service management site that sometimes I who killed 11 "applications" with the killer task and then return to appear.
Android ¿must be smarter to manage services usuamos not? Or developers who must be disabled to stop and leave their service enabled by the user?

Surely many of you may not suffer the wear, as there are super-smartpones much RAM, and is not a concern but all users with a low-end terminal, half is prejudiced by such management.

And Android Linux should look at the issue of energy savings does not like other systems.

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