Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Android: remove an application or widget

We have already seen how to manage applications and widgets on the home screens or virtual desktops Android. But these manipulations only add or remove application icons, ie shortcuts to programs.

When you really want to do some housekeeping on your Android smartphone or earn a little space (the applications installed on the internal memory of the device and not on the Micro SD card), you must go through the application management . This will allow you to uninstall an application completely.

How do I remove an Android application
To access application management
go to phone settings
Click on "Applications
 then "Manage applications

The full list of applications and widgets installed on your Smartphone Android appears. Select the application you want to uninstall

In the application information you can find, depending on the program, an option to erase the recorded data (backups, cache), delete the default actions assigned to the application or force the termination of the application if it is still running. Click "Uninstall"

Confirm your desire to remove the application on the following screen:
Android is a free license, manufacturers sometimes change the smartphones in depth and some programs are "linked" to the interface, not uninstall. This is not the case for all applications, all the ones you have installed can of course be removed.

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