Sunday, December 4, 2011

Multiple android processors and battery life, Allies or enemies?

I made ​​a little research on how many cores can help us save energy despite apparently consume more than one nucleus. For example, how is it possible that my HTC Desire will last more or less the same battery than a HTC sensation , when the terminal Sensation is a dual core , with more screen and just more than 120 mAh capacity Desire ?

This is quite simple, because the processors have to be 100% less time to do the same job, and therefore can operate at lower voltages, which causes the battery consumption is not as high and, Therefore, longer battery life. Despite having a much bigger screen and a processor, initially, much more greedy. Another possibility with these multi-core processors is the ability to run on time only one half performance.

According to Nvidia , its processors Kal-El, the beast four "Five" cores that will fuel future EAs Asus Prime transformer consume the same for doing the same job, less than half of a dual-core processor today. This would explain the obsession with manufacturers increasingly putting our mobile processors and processors that research and technology brings with it, is cheaper and probably more viable, economically speaking, that the development of new ways to collect energy.
It is also true that, in my case, after nearly a year of experience on issues of ROMs , Kernels and consumption, I dare say that in most cases, excessive consumption is a problem also of the kernels and the factory ROMs. If CyanogenMod , is able to take 2 days of use in my Desire, this indicates that there is a hardware problem or excessive CPU consumption by having a battery for my exaggerated, if not on how efficient our system is purged .

To give a simple analogy, two drivers, one leading smoothly and ahead of the event for not giving accelerations or sudden braking, and an aggressive driver, the rush that goes with him everywhere, to whom he will last the same amount of gasoline? The same goes for our terminals, need a better development in the system so that the efficiency of our battery use is not exclusively dependent on our capacity or our many processors, but also of what we spend that energy efficiently we have accumulated.
Hopefully, the future Ice Cream Sandwich , this is better and notice a pretty big savings on our end, though, must be borne in mind that 3G consume CONNECTIONS outrageous percentage holding our batteries, not all the fault of the software .

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