Saturday, December 10, 2011

HTC Magic Android sfr how to use it without full internet package

The HTC Magic is a smartphone type mobile phone that runs on the Android operating system. Currently sold by several mobile operators, it can be used to browse the Internet, check email or to access online applications such as, but sometimes under certain conditions. The trick described below shows how to set up a WAP profile will be used for SFR SFR customers who have a package Illimythics but do not have access to full Internet option.

HTC Magic Android

 The functions available depending on your plan

 Contrary to what is explained by the SFR customer service (it's live) is not required to take out the option of Full Internet Illimythics. So the device is used with basic packages providing access internet (via WAP access SFR) as Illimythics base.

 Important: Obviously this means that some functions will not be accessible via the 3G network such as downloading, Android Market or video playback but access to Web services and type of Google webapps will be operational no extra cost. All these services will, however, blocked 3G access via a WiFi network (can be activated on all devices) which is more than enough. ex: If you use a webmail message type, for example you can easily access the browser, but POP3 access to meet their mails via the application of the phone will require wifi.

 The trick is described in the customer service web site of SFR (Home> My Account> My phone and my SIM card> Setting WAP / MMS) and requires manual configuration of the access point.

 Configure the WAP profile in SFR Android

 If you do not pass Illimythics 3G + Full Internet (and any other contract) you will use the WAP profile SFR 

The procedure is as follows:

 On the phone, press the Menu button.
 Select Settings> Wireless Controls> Mobile Networks> Access Point Names.
 Press the Menu key and select New APN.
 Select Name, enter WAP SFR and press OK.
 Select APN, enter wapsfr then press OK.
 Select Proxy, enter and press OK.
 Select Port, enter 8080 and press OK.
 Leave blank (not defined) for Username, Password, Server
 Select Type APN (access point name), enter default and press OK
 Press the Menu key and select Save.
 Press the radio button next to WAP SFR to define the new profile as default profile.
 Press the Home button.
 Press tab and select Application Navigator.
 Press the Menu key and select More> Settings> Set home page.
 Enter then press OK.

 Press the Home button. The settings are now implemented and ready for use

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