Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to Hide the WiFi brought you by Google

As you know that Google is using the StreetView Car collected "by mistake" data from various WiFi networks. The collection, in the words of Google, was only open networks and data was collected log file, SSID and MAC address. This always happened, whether this time the data was a bit more. Why is that? As you know, each network has the IP address that represents. Not much different from actual addresses us, so if anyone knows the IP, we know in which area we live. This exploits the Google linking IP to the network SSID. When we find ourselves within the scope of this network, the system automatically knows which area we are making it easier to locate if you want to open the Google Maps. How would you avoid? For those who embarked in this case, Google itself provides the solution to remove the network from their catalogs. All you have to do is add the SSID (network name we say), the suffix "_nomap". For example, if our network is called "androidphonedriver", you should rename to "androidphonedriver_nomap". Worth it? That is the question! The Google already has tons of our personal data. Music, Video, Docs, Mail, and many more things we do every day through its services, making you wonder if it's worth. My opinion is that it is and should be doing. If every time these companies offer a "little mistake" and to forgive, to 10 years will have 10 different lists with our habits we do not want to share. I agree that they already know too much about us but we chose them to give. But no!

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