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Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 android phone review,drivers and user manuel

The budget mobile phone sector is one of the primary growth areas within the mobile market, so it's no surprise to determine Samsung plastering ads for its latest budget model, the actual Samsung Galaxy Ace, all over the spot. Sporting a 3.5in screen, 800MHz CPU along with a fully-fledged version of Android, it's got all the necessities but can that trump all before it? The phone's design certainly doesn't betray its budget leanings. It's absolutely nothing particularly new or innovative but the actual glossy front, gold sides and uneven back are intelligent enough. In regards to build quality, there's a certain plasticky sense to it however , if some high-end smartphones just like Samsung's own Samsung galaxy s II also have an extremely lightweight plastic develop, the difference is not glaringly obvious.

The housing of the Android-Handys makes an extremely elegant impression. The grooved, almost Plastikruckseite gummed make, gives the phone a chic look and at the same time provides a good handling. The form factor and also in things choose your display size (3.5 inch) reminds of the Korean people very to the Apple iPhone 4. That is not the case, is clearly in contemplation of the display. Samsung has the Galaxy Ace, probably for reasons of cost, to the installation of a AMOLED display waived. Instead, the manufacturer when in galaxy ace on a gewohliches LCD display with a rather weak resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. In comparison with the Display-Boliden Samsung Galaxy S (super-amoled) and Apple iPhone 4 (retina) must be the Ace not only in the resolution but also in the areas clearly beaten brightness and contrast to deal. When comparing the phone but not directly with these Display-Konnern , we feel the display sufficiently sharp and bright. Great touch screen, fleet performance In terms of reaction makes the capacitive 3.5 " touch screen in the test - a very good figure. The Galaxy Ace reacts very fast and sensitive to our Fingereingaben. Zoom via presents MULTITOUCH and double-click is not quite iPhone-like, comes the Touchscreen-Referenz but already quite close. About the touchscreen give texts either via virtual QWERTY keyboard, on the practical predictive text input Swype or via Google's Voice search. This is the label as Speach-to- Text-Option available and worked in our tester. In the case of the Ace 1966; a 800MHZ processor, for a sufficient fleet performance. The hits to important items such as browser, news and contacts succeed each under one second. Also the browser of the Android-Handys (version: 2.2.1 , updateable) works fix. About the mobile network built up our 600 kbyte large test page quickly on: via hspa it took 15 seconds, via WLAN only five. Camera: 5 Megapixel with flash and autofocus. Good camera, lack of headphones The Samsung Galaxy Ace houses a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, LED flash and various manual settings. The picture quality of the recordings, and in particular in daylight, convinced with good sharpness and color rendition. Problems were preparing the phone recordings in artificial light. Here the camera distorted the tint and there is this clear to warm again (see photo gallery) .videos takes the camera only with 320 x 240 pixels on - this is no longer on the amount of time. Musik-Freunde , the FM radio or MP3-player want to listen to in the Handy-Karton bedroppelt should look at, because headphones figures not included. Who already has its own ear plugs, can this at least in the 3.5 - Millimeter-Klinkenbuchse plug in. When it comes to further included with shows, Samsung didn't stingy: so is located next to Manual, USB, and power cord and a microSD card (2 GByte) with matching SD adapter in the box. If that is not enough, you can also the Speicher-Slot with 32-G Byte-Karten mounting. Perseverance and battery, pleasant acoustics The Battery Check utility mastered the Galaxy Ace with flying colors. A duration of 5.5 hours in the Micorphone and a Online-Laufzeit of over eight hours - these are outstanding values ! Not less pleasing are the results of our Akustik-Tests . In particular Handy-Seite convinced the Galaxy Ace with clear sound without noise. On Festnetzseite was of the interlocutors in part be balanced a bit too loud. That’S the scores also with clean sound. From Handy-ublichen drones and Croaking no track. Many trump cards in the hand With the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 hold many trump cards in the hand. The phone at a fair price from the current approximately 260 euro offers a great value for money lavish amenities, good performance and a your tenacious battery. Who on the brilliance of a AMOLED display, as well as on tools such as HDMI output and HD video recording can renounce, saves the Galaxy Ace gehorig money and still get a full-equipped Android smartphone . Alternative There must be no Android? Then, our former winner, the Samsung Wave S8500, a good alternative. The bada-mobile phone offers a brilliant AMOLED touchscreen and with wireless LAN, HSPA and 5-megapixel camera an equally lavish amenities. Currently to get you the Touch-Handy starting at around 250 euro without a contract. Disadvantage: the Software-Shop the bada OS is not nearly as extensive as the Android market.

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