Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Perfect Audio for SAMSUNG GALAXY S

1. From market "mixget" application install. 

2. Run Mixget the media in the window, you will see about and alsa to click section. Click the Update button at the bottom. 

3. When the download process the phone's internal memory "update_mixget.zip" file name that will occur "update.zip" change. Turn off the phone update.zip recovery mode option and restart your phone .

4. Though re-open the alsa section of the headset earpiece volume by increasing the value Mixget. 

      NOTE:Need to attempting to fix the device with voodoo. You must be able to fixi in the roor.voodoo fix ; you should delete the other lag fixs if the rot. Fixlerden.

Important note: The program is written for only the Galaxy's all we do not know will work with different phones at your own risk.Friends and I tried with this expression excellent results

       İphone, ipod, sony creative, and many high-quality mp3 players and the phone I listen to much better quality sound and hard bass-related instruments that sound was a galaxy ...not expect that I will never get a result like this .
make sure that absolutely everyone apply.at this point  mp3 players other music players such as toys.

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