Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Puzzle game for android phones:speedy fish

You can play this puzzle game with your android phone easily.In this puzzle game, you'll have to help Speedy and windy to protect their ocean environment and to cope with the blobs of Polution which attack the sponges.

 Your fish will therefore revolve around different sponges and eliminate, with the best strategy, the risk which will make you face.

The sponges are at the heart of this fragile ecosystem, and you have the responsibility. While the levels are changing, you'll have more and more of sponges to protect and will need to combat the pollution without ceased to increase. You will need swim by controlling your speed but also your movements.
The accumulation of points you will open the opportunity to start to create your own aquarium in which we live different fish.
Speedy Fish is an easy but very addicting game. Help Speedy and Windy safeguard their oceanic atmosphere from polluting blobs by circling around various sponges. Sponges are in the center of the fragile ecosystem which usually needs to end up being protected. As the particular level progresses, you will be in charge of more and more sponges and is going to be attack by progressively more blobs. You will need to strategically swim to go through the various levels makng certain the marine every day life is well protected Since you accumulate much more points, you may have the opportunity to begin your own aquarium tank in which bass will grow and also coexist peacefully.

 The game may be played by adults and children likewise who enjoy using beautiful fish If you such as Tap Fish, Pawpaw Fish, you will certainly enjoy Speedy Fish

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