Monday, September 26, 2011

Game Dev Story for Android

Android is a system that offers a good opportunity for developers who want to gain a foothold in this industry. The games tend to succeed in Android are showing more originality and good gameplay, because to play as usual, it is best console.
One of the most original and fun games Game Dev Story is Android, which can be purchased for € 2.19 on Android Market , a price that ends up depreciating no doubt.

In this game we will run into the role of a developer of games, as we must launch our own console with games, created at will. Not only is this facet of the game, we also choose our workers and staff members. Even we can track our creations market, if sales go down, we will to make some changes.
Would you like to create your own company called Nitentiendo and launch your own console market ? Game Story Android Dev is your game.

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