Sunday, September 25, 2011

Smart Shortcuts makes for a neat Home screen and fast access

What should i do if the home screen flooded and is actually still a couple more apps quickly are intended to be called? Then it must be a free Android app, the more shortcuts available.

Keep your house screen tidy, help make everything easy to get into!
This application may be the organizer which are able to keep your home display tidy, and help make everything easy to gain access to
*Organize software, bookmarks, contacts and also files using tags
*Create cutting corners on home display for easily accessibility
*Support import & foreign trade
*50+ commercial symbols for shortcuts
*Assistance normal and higher resolutions

Once set up is your home screen again clean and tidy, so, you quickly and easily can invoke your important programs.

This way you can besides your apps, bookmarks, contacts, and manage the files and already from the home screen to access them.
If you have more than one Android phones, you can use the useful import- and export function. Also to transfer to a new device is this option well suited.

More than 50 commercial icons are available for your shortcuts available

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