Sunday, September 25, 2011

SMS to text android apps.:Export all sms to your memory card

What do you do when the SMS memory overflow.Export your Text message as text file and save on SD card. Without headaches to backup messages!
* Filter by get in touch with, in/out Text message
* Sort by day, in/out SMS, number
* Support House windows, Unix, Mac text format and BOM
* Output .txt .csv document type
* Import Text from output .txt file
Want export to your email directly and more features? please put in SMS to Text message Pro!

What do you do when the SMS memory overflow if you want and you simply can not make up his mind, one of the news his favorite to disconnect? If you want to use this free Android app and export it as text.

To export, you have various filters are available. So, you have the possibility only the SMS a certain relationship to save and there are also the choice whether you incoming/outgoing messages, or want to save all SMS messages.

The SMS will be spent as TXT or CSV files and are therefore on each system readable. It does not matter whether you under Windows, Linux, Mac, or another operating system work.

Once exported messages can also be imported again. So you can make your important SMS on a new device without you anywhere to synchronize.

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