Monday, September 19, 2011

McAfee and kaspersky agree about " Android is the centre of attention of the hackers"

The software companies of computer security kaspersky and McAfee have come to alert users of mobile devices equipped with the operating system mobile Android.
McAfee, the number of malware developed for infecting Android has grown in an 76 percent from the first quarter of the year to date.
Vicente Weafer, vice president of McAfee, said: "This year we have seen how to break records in the number of malware, especially in mobile devices, where the rise has been directly proportional to the popularity. The rapid rise of malware in android this quarter can make it a growing goal of cyber criminals".
On the other hand, the company kaspersky, that has been designed the top 20 of malicious applications, said Androide is victim of the 24,25 % of the total malwares developed to attack mobile devices.
Users do not want to be the virus. Hackers, yes and companies of computer security? You DoN'T have to write the answer.

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