Thursday, September 22, 2011

MAXTHON mobile browser for Android Phones- elegant Surfhilfe

There is a great browser for android OS in the Android market.


At the time of installation requires the App the following permissions:

Hardware : pictures and videos to pick up
My Location: approximate (network) location, exact (GPS- )location
Network communication: unrestricted Internet access, network status display, WI-FI view status
Your personal data: browsing history and Bookmarks read
Phone calls: couldn’t read and identify
Memory: Contents of the USB memory and the SD-card change/delete
System Tools : turn off standby mode, background processes exit


The startup screen of the browser by default includes an overview of various, according to categories sorted web pages. The user can choose between categories such as search engines, social networks, news or select some could look at. The corresponding pages are linked. However, the selection is designed on the US market. So, the video portal for German users almost useless, as for copyright reasons most videos in Germany can not be considered. To add or remove the links manually is not possible.

Another area of the boot screen shows Thumbnails important pages. Of course, here Facebook and Google does not lack. In addition you can access his favorites and RSS-feeds. Useless thumbnails can be deleted and are newly added. Also among the pre-subscribed RSS-Feeds you will find some more for US-users are interesting. This may be unnecessary feeds be removed here.

On the whole, the startup screen relatively clear and tidy. Überambitioniert the threefold division of the splash screen appears: The third area is reserved for addons, however, of which there are up to now only four piece. For that they had no need to apply to their own area. Nice: the user can choose between different designed user interfaces (skins) select.


You can navigate with the browser very I'm pleased to meet you. A unique feature of this surfing is the control-by-gesture. By special movements on the display can be changed for example Tabs closed or pages. All gestures will during the execution on the screen briefly in the form of a yellow track made visible. Information on the five possible gestures are also available in the settings under "help". But also the simple and backward/Forward buttons on the screen are available.

Otherwise, there is a full screen mode, simply by tapping on the corresponding icon on the screen will be activated. Tab-Browsing must also not be waived. Pinch to zoom is also on board and can be easily applied. Also convenient is that - provided that RSS feeds are available - this via icon will be displayed on the screen. This can then simply be added to the remaining feeds.

In addition, the settings menu offers various options, including zoom, setting the start screen or the choice, such as the browser to the outside world will give to recognize (Android, Desktop, iPhone, Ipad).

Now and again zickt the browser at the start and requires a password. However, it is only needed if you want to synchronize the app with the Desktop-Browser. The solution to this is only the multiple you restart the browser from the mask, since it comes out in any other way.

Also a bit getting used to is the Copy & Paste function . In order to use it, must be a text length shall be without prejudice, until a menu opens. By selecting "select text" can be selected the desired area. It works but only if you greatly in the desired extracts has zoom, otherwise it is difficult, with the finger the complete desired passage to highlight and copy them to the clipboard. In addition, only the visible part copied, an automatic scrollbar for longer texts is not provided for. Especially for large fingers can mutate into this Herculean task.


Layout works out at maxthon quite quickly. The home of he built in the WLAN network in 6.5 seconds, and in the 3G network in 9 seconds. The page of the music mag has taken 8.8 or 11.8 seconds for the building. The cache is the Browser not emptied, it is even a little snappier. On the speed so there is nothing to complain about.


The bookmarks are both on the home as well as while browsing. At any time you can use the Menu button to access the bookmarks and the course. New bookmarks will be on the asterisk on the lower navigation bar added. However, one must leave the full-screen mode for this purpose.

Videos & downloads

MAXTHON also supports Flash content . During the test but it came again and again to playback problems, both on the Youtube page as therefore Embedded videos. Frequently, the full-screen mode, the picture does not enable froze a or the structure of the page was playing destroyed. At least there were problems, if the screen was not affected. An option to disable flash-videos there is not.

The download manager is doing very good work. Downloads can be stopped is a feature, the man for some browsers are still missing. Several test downloads or certain (5, 20, 50, 100 MB) unfinished details easily.

Security/ privacy

The privacy policy made the App everything correctly. All of the important areas in the settings have a separate point. Regardless of whether the course or cookies will be deleted: the maxthon Browser everything is possible. The same is true with form data and passwords, which can be deleted or saved. The user has full control. Why the browser, however, must be able to read the couldn’T is not clear. Prudent contemporaries as likely to think twice about right.


MAXTHON is overall a very good browser. It reacts quickly and builds the pages quickly. Also at downloads is he quickly and reliably. He also received praise for the security settings. There are deductions for the bad Video-enabled and the difficulties encountered in the highlight of texts.

But can the native Android-Browser replace maxthon? No.

Even if the Maxthon-App better than average, sticking to it but some of the points. In particular, in the video playback is the pre-installed Browser significantly before maxthon. The minimum benefit in reacheth unto the on this, a change to justify it. Interesting he could but in particular for the user, who will also use the desktop client and want to synchronize the bookmarks.

As a test tool came a HTC desire to use. MAXTHON is free and can be downloaded in the Android market.

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