Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trojan for Android steals banking data

It has been recently reported on the detection of a new version of a trojan that attacks to mobile devices equipped with the mobile operating system Android. This is the trojan SpyEye and their mode of operation is as follows: intercepts SMS sent from one bank to the smartphone from the user.
Once the user enters the web site of the bank, a window opens that alert of the growth of the quantity of malwares affecting Android by intercepting the messages that are sent from the bank.
The message advises the user to download and install to your terminal an application that prevents these attacks, but this is a malicious software. The application is installed with the name of the System. Before completing the installation, the trojan prompts the user to enter a number in your mobile phone.
When the user calls to this number, the hackers managed to seize control of the mobile device Android and from that moment all the messages that are sent from the bank are forwarded directly to a server controlled by them.

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