Sunday, October 2, 2011

Snaptastic, photo editor for Android

One of the applications that shouldn't be missing in any phone with Android, is a good photo editor. That is why, today, we want to recommend that your mobile equipes with Snaptastic, which is an easy tool to use, but highly effective for retouch your images. Snaptastic account with more than 15 effects you can add to your pictures. All of them can be applied quickly and simply, without having to intervene too much in the process.

Once that is completed the edition, the program gives us the possibility of sharing our design in social networks more popular at the time. The program, which allows you to save the images to a maximum of 1,280 px, account with two different versions, a free and another payment. The difference between the two is that in which you can use free, must be added water marks to the images and there are advertising inserted, while the other does not have these limitations. An easy to make use of but advanced photo processing & effects app Note: Obtain the full version to guide further development regarding Snaptastic, get gone watermarks and adverts and get the particular newly added characteristics first! It's obtainable here: - Start with selecting a predetermined (currently comes with ~15 of them) or change all the variables yourself - Easily help make slight touchups or even go for a more creative look - Change brightness, contrast, heat, tint, fill gentle, clarity, saturation, vignetting etc how ever you such as and see the result immediately - Directly discuss to any program installed on the device (like Picasa, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Tweetdeck, Google+, Lightbox …) - Make your own presets - Save images in up to 1280 pixels broad resolution (depends on phone capabilities) - High quality (10 bits every component) processing powerplant retains texture, highlight and shadow detail All sample images (used in screenshots) taken along with mobile phone video cameras. (Samsung Galaxy collection to be exact) Known issues: - Can use up all your memory especially together with larger image measurements. If you knowledge crashing try establishing the image resolution to the lowest value. - Currently not tested at almost all on qHD display resolution.

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